Aisle Stacker Crane

Aisle Stacker Crane

  • Below details needs to be provided to quote the price:
  • Capacity: 1ton,2ton,3ton,5ton
  • Span: 3m,6m,9m,12m,15m
  • Lift height: 3m,6m,9m
  • Long travel length: client provides
  • Width of aisle: client provides
  • Size of pallet: client provides
  • Customized service: provid
  • Application: cargo storage warehouse
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For all large factories, storage and inventory management are no small challenges. The traditional partition racks and beam racks look messy, even difficult to organize, and storage space is greatly wasted.

The aisle stacker crane can solve this storage problem well. It is an efficient and customized storage solution. With the aisle stacker crane, one operator can quickly and efficiently find and move any goods, the space is maximized, because each pallet can be placed or adjusted to a suitable height position. The available space is maximized, time and money are saved, and a safe and efficient working environment is created.

Multiple Protection for Safety Operation

Item LHC2T-S8m/LHC2T-S11m LHC4T-S8m/LHC4T-S11m
Capacity 2t 4t
Rotation Radius 1400mm 1400mm
Mini interval 2000-2400mm 2000-2400mm
Power 3KW 4.5KW
Rotation speed 1.5-2r/min 1.5-2r/min
Long travel speed 16m/min 16m/min
Cross travel speed 16m/min 16m/min
Lift speed 3.4m/min 2.8m/min
Design standard GB27924-2011 GB27924-2011
1.8m span is for 4 rows rack, 11m span is for 6 rows rack.
2.Provide the customized service (capacity, span, lift height and speed etc).


  • Storage and retrieval of goods is faster. Regardless of the size, shape and weight, the operator can easily find the pallet needed;
  • Save space. Effective use of the available ground and vertical space can make the width of the aisle between the shelves narrower, and can effectively use the space from the ground to the ceiling;
  • Maximized space utilization. The hoist can move forwards, backwards, left, and right in the aisle, and the pallet fork can move up and down, and rotate 360°;
  • Efficient manpower. One operator can locate and retrieve the goods effortlessly;
  • Ergonomic design. Lifting and handling are designed in accordance with ergonomics, making it easier to use;.
  • Make inventory management easier. Easily realize the positioning and searching of stored goods;
  • Precise storage location. The pallet can be adjusted every 10mm, and the customer can adjust the height of the pallet according to the different items stored;
  • Reduce forklift investment. Reduce the use of forklifts, make the site safer, no special operation license is required for operation, and everyone can get started;
  • Protection and confidentiality of goods. Make goods storage safer and cooperate with confidential pallets.
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