Electric wire rope hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

  • Capacity: Up to 30t
  • Main Electrical parts: Schneider
  • Application: Match with single girder cranes or mono rail. CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoist is used alone or in combination with single beam, hoist double beam, hoist door crane, cantilever crane, etc. It is widely used for lifting heavy objects in railways, docks, industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other places. The design concept of this model electric hoist: light weight, strong stability, high safety factor, long mechanical life and easy maintenance. Simple structure, beautiful appearance and balanced size design. The duty group is generally A3.
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The lifting speed of CD1 wire rope electric hoist is single speed; MD1 wire rope electric hoist has two kinds of lifting speed, the ratio of high and low speed is 1:10, which is especially suitable for the occasions that require fine adjustment work. The electric hoist is divided into fixed type and running type. The fixed electric hoist is divided into four installation modes: upper (A1), lower (A2), left (A3), and right (A4). The lower fixed electric hoist is often used in combination with the LH electric hoist double beam. The running electric hoist can perform linear reciprocating motion in the horizontal direction as well as curved motion on the limited arc track. The running electric hoist can be used with LD electric single beam crane, LX electric suspension crane, MH electric hoist gantry crane, BMH electric hoist semi-gantry crane, cantilever crane, etc. to form a variety of hoist cranes.

The design and manufacture of electric hoists meet the standards of GB3811-2008 "Design Specifications for Cranes" and JB / T9008.1-2004 "Wire Rope Electric Hoists Part 1: Types and Basic Parameters, Technical Conditions". The working environment temperature is -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the atmospheric pressure is 0.08 ~ 0.11Mpa, the relative humidity is 85% (25 ℃), the rated voltage of the power supply is 380V, and the rated frequency is 50Hz.

When the electric hoist works under rated load, when the lifting weight is ≤ 5 tons, the noise sound pressure level does not exceed 85dB (A), and when the lifting weight is> 5 tons, the noise sound pressure level does not exceed 90dB (A).

Our company has a 22-year history of design and production of electric hoists. We have accumulated rich experience in the design and production of electric hoists, and can design non-standard electric hoists adapted to various working conditions.

CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoist is mainly composed of: lifting motor, reducer, drum device, hook group, electronic control system, running trolley, safety device and so on.

Configuration Contrast

logo Others
Motor Brand of hoist Nanjing motor Nanjing motor
Work Duty Group M3 M3
Electric Control Panel Wireless remote control+ pendent line Pendent line
Packaged Wooden case Nude package
price 10% lower than then other factory Higher price


Electric Hoists Electric Hoists
Produce standard FEM standard GB standard
Motor brand ABM Nanjing motor
Work class FEM 2M A3 or M3
Starting of Crane Very smooth; Low noise; A little violent;
Space Requirement Modular design, smaller size;Lower request about workshop space Bigger size;Higher request about workshop space
Self-Weight Light weight, available to different steel structure factory Heavy weight and strictly higher request for steel structure factory
Maintenance Easy, and the components are available for every country market; the components for replacement only available in China market;


  • Factory outlet: no traders, only factory and customer.
  • FEM and GB production standard
  • Professional engineer and testing department
  • Sandblasting: Material or finished products
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer and chlorinated rubber top-coat
  • Export packaged: wooden box or waterproof cloth


  • Overload protection limit switch to protect the hoist from overload operation;
  • Lift height limit switch to protect the hoist from the hook reach the up/down limit;
  • Power failure protection to protect the hoist from the low voltage and power failure;
  • Motor's protection grade is IP44 with F for insulation grade based standard;
  • For ex type condition, the EX grade of the motor and electricity will be EX dII BT4/CT4;
  • For metallurgical condition, the insulation of the motor will be H grade, and there is high temperature resistance cable and thermal baffle to protect the crane from the heat.


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