Grab bucket overhead crane

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

  • Below details needs to be provided to quote the price:
  • BLoad weight of material:5t/10t/16t/20t or customize
  • Span:7.5m-31.5m or customize
  • Lift height:9m-30m or customize
  • Long travel length:customize
  • Aux hook needed or not:customize
  • Application:Domestic waste, construction waste, steel scrap, sand and gravel, dredging under water, etc.
  • Any other special demand:single speed or double speed by VFD
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QZ model grab bucket overhead crane is widely used in factory, workshop and power plant to do the loading work. The work class is A6. The entrance of the cabinet is from side or top. The load capacity is including the dead weight of grab. The grab device is a four-rope grab with double drum, simple structure and reliable operation. Or other type grab according to different material. The grab can be opened and closed at any height. Grab is only suitable for bulk materials in the state of natural accumulation. When grabbing underwater materials or special materials, special request must be made when ordering. The crane can be used indoors or outdoors. The rain cover is added when used outdoors.

QZ model grab bucket overhead cranes are widely used for waste disposal, steel scrap, sand gravel, wood, and coal.


  • Feeding
    When the garbage at the feed inlet of the incinerator is insufficient, the crane grabs the fermented garbage in the garbage pit and runs to the top of the feed inlet to feed the feed hopper of the garbage incinerator.
  • Handing
    Transport the garbage near the discharge gate to other places in the storage pit to avoid congestion of the discharge gate, adjust the amount of garbage in the pit, and store it for 3 to 5 days of garbage incineration.
  • Mixing
    Due to the high water-content and low combustion value of domestic garbage, the garbage needs to stay in the storage pit for a certain period of time. Through natural compression and partial fermentation, the water content is reduced and the calorific value is increased. The mixing of new and old garbage can shorten the fermentation time. In addition, due to the complex composition of domestic waste and the large change in composition content, in order to avoid excessive fluctuations in the nature of the waste entering the furnace, it is also necessary to stir and mix the waste in the pit.
  • Picking
    The objects that have been accidentally entered into the storage pit, but not suitable for incineration, will be taken out.
  • Weighting
    In order to count the actual amount of waste incineration, the waste is weighed and measured before the waste is put into the inlet of the incinerator.
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