Crane Wheels

  • Material: 20#, DG20Mn,35CrMo etc.
  • Manufacturing technique: Casting and forged
  • Heat treatment: Quenched and tempered
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The wheel is an important part of the crane, which runs on the track and bears the dead weight and load of the crane. Crane wheel material should have high strength, high hardness and good wear resistance.

Crane wheel is divided into single rim wheel, double rim wheel and missing wheel. Single flange wheel is mainly used in gantry crane under 5t, double beam gantry bridge crane trolley running mechanism; Double rim wheel is mainly used in gantry crane, double beam bridge gantry crane, crane operation mechanism, casting crane operation mechanism, electric flat car, platform car group, ship unload, shipyard, port machine, coal unload, stacking and taking machine, quay bridge machine and so on.

According to the characteristics of driving, the wheel tread is required to have high hardness, and a certain depth of hardened layer and transition layer (depth> 10mm, hardness HRC40-48) to improve the bearing capacity, wear resistance and contact fatigue performance. At the same time, the matrix structure is required to have good comprehensive mechanical properties and good structural state, and the hardness should be HBS187 ~ 229, so that it has high toughness, improve impact resistance and crack resistance.

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