Crane Pulleys

  • Capacity: up to 160t
  • Diameter of wire rope: Φ7-Φ82mm
  • Process: Forging & Casting and Steel Plate cutting
  • Quality control: UT, MT, RT, PT
  • Quenching Depth: no less than 20mm
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crane pulley is a kind of important lifting tool with simple structure and convenient use, which is mainly used in the process of ship water, navigation and so on.With winch, anchor machine, marine crane and other use, multiply the tension, save costs.

The pulley block combines the fixed pulley and the movable pulley, so that the direction of the force can be changed, and the object can be pulled easily. The more moving pulleys are used in the pulley block, the less labor.

The sheave is manufactured according to the diameter of the wire rope and is formed directly by hot rolling process, making the sliding wheel stronger and lubricated with grease, making it safer in use and having a longer service life

The sheave block can be tested according to the needs of CCS, to provide customers with assured quality and service..


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