Self-propelled Scissor Lifts

  • Self-propelled Scissor lift
  • Working height: up to 14m
  • Moving method: chargeable battery
  • Applications: It is widely used for aerial installation and maintenance of the working sites without power supply and with smooth working grounds, such as hotels, grand hall, sport stadium, large factory, warehouse, granary,bus/railway stations, hotels,airports, gas station and aerial pipeline.
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This type scissor lift own automatic walking function.It can be used in different working condition,and do not need external power supply and artificial traction.It is mobile flexible, convenient operation, lift freely, only one people can finish forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walk. It's easily moved with high working efficiency.This type scissor lift can be move while extended and controlled from platform by the operator.It is walking,reversing, turning and lifting can be achieved on the platform board, self-movement at a the full height.Low noise allows the operation personnel work in a silent environment and the large-angle steering system provides a good maneuverability.

Security Assurance

  • Control voltage is DC24V.Keeping working person safe.
  • Electrical control box is water-proof design.
  • Installing Emergency button,Can keeping working person safe.
  • Self-locking function will work when electricity is suddenly cut off.
  • System have Emergency drop valve,which can let platform down safely.
    when electricity is suddenly cut off.
  • Four hydraulic supporting legs in button.which can keep machine stable.

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