Crane Hooks

  • Capacity: up to 500t
  • Material: 20#, DG20Mn,35CrMo etc.
  • Strength grade: M, P, S, T, V Grade
  • Heat treatment: Quenched and tempered
  • Standard: DIN standard crane hook is available
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The hook group is the most common type of spreader in lifting appliances. The hook is usually suspended on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism by means of a pulley block and the like. Hooks are divided into single hooks and double hooks according to the shape; they are divided into forged hooks and laminated hooks according to the manufacturing method. Five strength grades M, P, S, T, V, are classified in accordance with the mechanical property.

Heavy Crane Hook & Crane Hook Block & Crane Hook is one of the most suitable slings in hoisting. It is connected with pulleys to hang on the wire rope of lifting mechanism. And the hook is the most widely usage when lifting cargos. It is made easily and operated practically. Hooks can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance; forged hooks and strapped hooks according to production method.


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