Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

  • Rated load capacity: 2t
  • Lifting height: 14m
  • Power type: Battery Drive Type, Diesel engine drive type, walking-assist wheel type
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  • Electrical and hydraulic Scissor working platform provide you incomparable reliability and versa tility enhance efficiency. As the
  • ideal model for flexible operation in crowded space, it is suitable for
  • both flat and rugged ground indoor and outdoor construction, repairing and installation. Electrical and hydraulic Scissor working platform has the features of low noise, higher loading capacity, and larger work platform.
  • Mobile Scissor Lift is used in plant, hotel, airport, station, warehouse, dock, stadium… for the high-altitude equipment installation, maintaining and cleaning the field of power facilities, over head pipes, and other lifting efficiency ideal equipment, order-at-height safety, convenience and fast.
  • Three-phase current, battery, the internal combustion engine can be
  • chose as a source of power. It is also equipped with hand pressure
  • pump for power failure. It can be a move in a variety of ways, hand
  • push, pull-type, self-styled and vehicle-mounted style.


Fixed Scissor Lifting Platform

1.Most scissor lifts use pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical power in order to extend the platform upward.
2.There is a multitude of types and sizes of scissor lifts to appeal to variety of industries with varying requirements.
3.Some of the additional equipment that may be required for the scissor lift are fixed or removable handrails, barrier gates, drop-arm barriers, loading flaps, roll-off guards, chain mesh lift sides, remote power pack location, shoot bolts, explosion class protected electrical system and galvanized finish.
4.Scissor lifts are able to work in many types of workplaces to move and lift material in order to maximize workspace floor space.

Movable Scissor Hydraulic Lifting Platform

1.Scissor hydraulic lift is the professional high-altitude operation equipment.
2.Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lifting platform lift more stably.Wide working platform and large loading capacity can make the work scope bigger.It's suiable for several pelople working together.
3.Lifting height: 4m ,6m, 8m,10m ,11m and so on. And the max height of the scissor lift is 18m.
4.Loading capacity: 300kg,500kg,800kg,1000kg and so on. The Max capacity could be 7000kg.
5.Control method is manual control and electric control.

Aerial Vertical Mast Lift

1.lifting height:6-30m
2.lifting weight:120-200kg
3.has double speed down system
4.Multi-step hydraulic cylinders upright rise
5.The hydraulic cylinder of high strength of material and good mechanical properties
6.A pyramid ladder shape the frame.
7.Lift platform have higher stability
8.Even in 20 meters high, also can feel its superior smooth performance



  • This series of products are mainly used in the production line in industrial and mining enterprise industry. They can also be used as lifts to convey goods in other industries. The products can be made according to the parameters by customers.
  • The control box only have three buttons, easily operate.
  • It is sited in a lift pit and accessorial tracks. The table of lift is in the same level with the ground.
  • Smooth working condition, high load capacity, safe and reliable.
  • Types of control mode: manual, electrical, we can also install the remote control device according to your requirement.
  • The work table would equipped the guardrail to guarantee the safety.
  • The stationary hydraulic lift has two mainly types according to different situations.
  • One is to be sited on a special place to loading cargos and then lifting to a certain height to handle and move the cargo.The other is sited in a lift pit ang accessorial tracks.

Safety features

  • Safety is the most important issue. To ensure the safety, the following safety devices are equiped.
  • Control voltage is DC24V.Keeping working person safe.
  • Electrical control box is water-proof design.
  • Installing Emergency button,Can keeping working person safe.
  • Self-locking funtion will work when electricity is suddenly cut off.
  • Four telescopic supporting legs in buttom.which can keep machine stable.
  • In special circumstance, the lift platform will use explosion-proof electric equipment.
  • The platform is equipped with antiskid plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when works on the platform.
  • The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.



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