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Tips to operate the crane

Tips to operate the crane

2020-05-19|Product News

Crane is a kind of material handling machine by lifting and horizontal movement. If grab blade plate wear and deformation serious, must be urgently repaired or replaced. Forged hook in the low stress zone to print the rated lifting weight, factory mark, number and other marks. When the wire rope is lubricated, special attention should […]


14th May 2020, 5 sets single girder overhead crane to Myanmar

2020-05-14|Case Project

Project Single girder overhead crane 16T / Span 22.7/16.4m / Lift height 9m Our communication started at 10th Mar. 2020. This project is for machining work. And the communication on details last until 15th April 2020, the PI confirmed. After production finished, we arranged shipment on 14th May 2020.


8th April 2020, 4 sets Semi gantry crane to Egypt

2020-04-08|Case Project

Project Semi gantry crane 10T / Span 8.7m / Lift height 6.22m We received this inquiry since 4th Dec. 2019. This project is for steel factory. And the communication on details last until 11th March 2020 we receive the PO from client. The order was completed after one month. We arranged shipment on 8th April […]

Composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

The composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

2019-11-19|Product News

Composition of gantry crane Gantry crane is a kind of crane whose horizontal bridge is set on two legs to form the gantry structure. This kind of crane runs on the ground track, and is mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station for handling and installation. The […]

The composition of overhead crane and safety precautions

The composition of overhead crane and safety precautions

2019-07-24|Product News

The composition of overhead crane The bridge crane is the equipment that uses the hook (also use grab bucket or electric magnet chuck) to carry the material. The bridge crane is mainly composed of three parts: bridge structure, mechanical transmission and electrical equipment. Safety protection There shall be overload limiter and travel limiter switch for […]

Australian clients

Australian clients

2019-06-05|Customer Visit

Client from Australia—–Project of European model single girder gantry crane After long term online communication, we win this order. After finish production, client comes to our factory to test the crane: The two engineers checking our hoist and strictly check each part especially the electrical part. As Australia have strictly request about the color of […]

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24th March 2018, 1 set gantry crane to Australia

2019-03-24|Case Project

Project: Single girder gantry crane 14T / Span 12m / Lift height 9m; We received this inquiry since 4th May 2018. And client request 2 offers: overhead crane with steel structure and gantry crane option for customer. Regarding to the cost of steel structure for overhead crane traveling, we suggested the gantry crane to client, […]

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29th Aug 2018, 3 sets transfer cart to Peru

2018-08-29|Case Project

Project 3 sets 7T transfer cart powered by low voltage track. The cart required to be powered by low voltage track. It's working principle is to change the 380V AC power as the 36V AC power by transformer. And deliver to rails. Then the charging device on the electric flat car introduces the ac 36V […]

Client from Ukraine..

Ukraine clients

2018-07-26|Customer Visit

Client from Ukraine—–Project of double beam overhead crane Warmly welcome our friends from Ukraine to visit our factory, in order to build long term cooperation, our clients visit our factory to check our quality and production capacity. Technical meeting in our reception room They are interesting in our production line, as all the parts of drum, […]

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24th March 2018, 3 sets overhead crane to Saudi Arabia

2018-03-24|Case Project

Project: Single girder overhead crane 2T / Span 7.29m / Lift height 8m; Single girder overhead crane 5T / Span 7.29m / Lift height 8m; Single girder overhead crane 20T / Span 12.83m / Lift height 8m; We received the overhead crane inquiry since 2nd Nov 2017. Client requested the crane can work under the […]

Characteristics and common

Characteristics and common safety protection measures of European single beam crane

2018-02-05|Customer Visit

European crane adopts a unique design concept, with the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure. Compared with the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, the clearance height is the lowest, it can be closer to the front operation, and the lifting height is […]

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