Workstation Bridge Cranes

  • Modular system design
  • Easy to move by hand
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Customized design
  • Applications: Any Place Where there is less space and lifting light goods
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KBK single and double beam suspension crane with hoist, as the trolley of this type is much smaller than other double girder overhead cranes, so it can be used when the distance from rail to roof is limited. With the advantages of compact exterior dimension, low construction headroom, light dead weight, light wheel load advantages., it is applied in mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical factory and subsidiary workshop, warehouse, material yard, power plant for transferring, assembly, inspection maintenance and load unload procedures. It can also replace common double girder overhead crane, used in light textile industry and food industry manufacturing workshop.

Configuration Contrast

KBK Crane General overhead crane
Structure Rail types Box beam 
Self-Weight Light weight, available to different steel structure factory Heavy weight and strictly higher request for steel structure factory
Startingof Crane Very smooth; Low noise; A little violent;
price Much lower than general crane Higher price

Advantage and Feature

  • light weight, safe and reliable
    Because the KBK light single arm crane system is installed by the standard components of the KBK system, the device is very reasonable and the parts are versatile and can be quickly transported in a specific area because it is standardly assembled and therefore accurate Find the parts. Because the device itself is light weight, operation car operation more convenient, manual can be reliable delivery of cumbersome parts.
  • cost-effective
    KBK light single arm crane system can be simply suspended in the work of the site over the general plant or warehouse roof, you can also rely on the ground device, do not need additional support, so the installation cost is relatively low, but not Will affect the lifting effect, so very cost-effective.
  • widely used, outstanding function
    Because all KBK tracks can be assembled arbitrarily, the orbital orientation can be flexibly arranged according to the actual working conditions of the work shop, the specific products of the barbarians and the special needs of unknown work. In addition, the track system can also produce balance of the weight of the detection device, pneumatic or power tools, such as equipment stent.
  • lifting height is high, large span, from the weight
    Because theKBK light single arm crane system hoist is hoisted on the small frame between the two KBK girders, it can have a higher lifting space, and because it can be multi-track suspension, so the span is large, can cover Larger warehouses and production areas.
  • Modular design. High production efficiency, short supply time. Maintenance-free, low failure rate.


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