Wire Rope Drums

  • Material: 20#, Q235, Q345
  • Groove surface quench: HRC45-55
  • Groove surface quench depth: ≥2mm
  • Heat treatment: hardening and tempering, high frequency quenching
  • Inspection test: UT and MT
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The electrical cable drum is a kind of widely used machine in lifting machinery. It can lift heavyweight in the building construction site and port pier to lift and pull heavy material, also it can be the tractive power in installing the factories and mines.

Crane lifting drum is the component to wind wire rope in the lifting mechanism. crane lifting drum consists of the drum shaft,  flange type annular gear, drum hub, bearings, bearing pedestal. When one end of the drum is equipped with the switch of rotary type position limitation limiter, it must ensure to make drum shaft and rising limit switch rotate synchronously.

Cast iron type grooved crane rope drum

  1. The material of this kind of crane drum is cast iron HT200.
  2. Cast iron type crane drum is more
    prevalent than the other two as follows.
  3. Centrifugal casting is used in the process of production.
  4. The wire rope can be better protected owing to the material of cast iron.

Steel plate type grooved crane rope drum

  1. The material of this kind of crane drum is steel plate, Q235, Q345.
  2. It is more common than cast steel type crane drum.
  3. Welding is used in the production process of steel plate type crane drum.
  4. It is easy and convenient to produce.



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