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29th Aug 2018, 3 sets transfer cart to Peru

2018-08-29|Case Project


3 sets 7T transfer cart powered by low voltage track.

. Loading . finished product . SGS inspection

The cart required to be powered by low voltage track. It's working principle is to change the 380V AC power as the 36V AC power by transformer. And deliver to rails. Then the charging device on the electric flat car introduces the ac 36V power supply on the track into the on-board booster system or rectifier system. The booster system increases the voltage of AC 36V to AC 380V, and then controls three-phase or single-phase motors through the on-board control system or rectifies the AC 36V to DC 48V through the rectifier system, and drives the electric flat car through the on-board DC control system. Appropriate increase in the number of the transformer will make there is no restricted on running distance; Client arranged SGS inspection before shipment. After the cart arrived client place, we guide the client to finish the installation.

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