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Fixed gantry crane

10T Fixed Gantry Crane Was Successfully Installed In Madagascar

2022-06-24|Product News

Load capacity: 10t Span:7.4m Lift height:7.4m Hoist speed:2.7m/min Travel speed:11/min 10T fixed gantry crane was successfully installed in Madagascar. The customer’s factory already has a crane. Let’s make a new one according to the original crane. He request color custom blue. Recently he has installed the crane and shared pictures. He expressed his satisfaction with […]

portable gantry crane

5T Portable Gantry Crane Load Test Succeeded

2022-06-20|Product News

Load capacity: 5t Span:18.3m Lift height:3.7-6m adjusted Hoist speed:0.5/8m/min Travel speed:10/min 5T portable gantry crane load test succeeded.This is a portable gantry crane for military projects. Features: Large span, ordinary portable gantry crane span is generally not more than 6m. And this one spans 18.3m Suitable for height adjustable for indoor and outdoor use with […]


400/100 Ton New Heavy Duty Double Girder Overhead Crane

2022-03-18|Product News

The 400 ton new double girder overhead crane is used for the manufacture of pressure vessels in the nuclear power field. Since the beginning of this year, our company has successively produced a batch of large tonnage cranes such as 250 ton steel cranes, 200 ton new double girder cranes for shipyards, and 200 ton […]

Testing of crane

Acceptance of 160T Metallurgical Casting Overhead Crane

2022-03-12|Product News

In February this year, the project A inspection expert team composed of Iron and Steel Company, Industrial Products Co., Ltd., and Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. inspected the 160-ton metallurgical casting bridge crane products manufactured by our company. The quality control is strict, and the equipment is in operation. Passed the expert A inspection smoothly! Experts […]

Air hoist

Advantages of Pneumatic(air) Hoist

2022-02-22|Product News

The pneumatic hoist is mainly composed of four parts, namely the air distribution system, the power system, the deceleration system and the hoisting system. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal mine, textile, warehousing, household appliance production line, automobile manufacturing production line and ship repair and other industries. It is an essential equipment for […]

Main beam

1 Set LD Model Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale to Mozambique

2022-02-14|Product News

Load capacity: 5t Span:22.5m Lift height:5m Hoist speed:8m/min Travel speed:20/min Quantity: 1set 1 set LD model single girder overhead crane delivery to Mozambique.The customer wants to use this crane to lift the radiator. When a radiator arrives in the truck. They use crane to offload & put on assessment table. Depending with the job they […]

Single girder overhead crane

Maintenance Cycle of Overhead Crane

2021-12-21|Product News

The maintenance of overhead cranes mainly includes daily inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection. This can be determined according to the frequency of use of the crane. The general daily inspection is completed by the operator, mainly to check whether the control system of the overhead crane is faulty, whether there are hidden dangers in […]

double girder gantry crane

Getting The Power Of Crane Lifting Motor Within 10 Seconds

2021-12-14|Product News

Do you understand overhead crane, gantry crane? they are the most commonly used hoisting equipment, you will find them in factory, steel mill, port and wharf. Sometimes we are very puzzled for no motor power, now I will tell me a formula which can help you get the power very fastly, only 10 seconds, even […]

Garbage grab overhead crane

The Purpose Of Garbage Grab Overhead Crane

2021-11-15|Product News

Garbage grab overhead cranes in municipal solid waste incineration plant is the core equipment of the garbage feeding system of various garbage incineration power plants in modern cities. It is located above the garbage storage pit and is mainly responsible for the operations of feeding, handling, mixing, picking and weighing the garbage. Purpose: 1.Feeding When the […]

wire rope knot

What Should I do When The Crane Wire Rope Is Knotted?

2021-11-05|Product News

Crane is a very useful lifting equipment, with a wide range of use, to raise and load heavy objects. But the problem is, in the use of the process, the crane’s two wire rope is easy to “kink”, affecting the work. Do not worry, the following analysis of the reasons and solutions for you to […]

overhead crane description

Description of Crane Performance Parameters

2021-11-05|Product News

Crane main performance parameters indicators: crane main parameters are parameters that characterize the main technical performance indicators of the crane, is the basis for the design of the crane, but also an important basis for the safety and technical requirements of heavy machinery. Lifting weight G Lifting capacity refers to the quality of the lifted […]

Wire and cable

Overhead Crane Electrical System And Maintenance

2021-11-05|Product News

In the construction of power plants, overhead cranes are a widely used lifting equipment. Its frequent use, large workload, vibration, and thus a high failure rate, bringing many adverse effects to the construction. Bridge crane electrical system and the commissioning process, scientific and reasonable construction methods are the key to ensure the quality of the […]

Grab bucket overhead crane

Grab Bucket Eot Crane Safety Guidelines

2021-11-05|Product News

First,before driving The crane’s brake, hook, wire rope and safety equipment and other components as required to view, found abnormalities, should be excluded. It is necessary for the operator to acknowledge that there is no one on the walking platform or track before the main power supply can be closed. When the power circuit breaker […]

Single girder overhead crane

Production Advantage Of Henan ZOKE Crane

2021-09-30|Product News

Electric single girder overhead crane is composed of bridge frame, crane traveling mechanism, electric hoist and electrical equipment, the trolley can run forward and backward, to achieve material handling in three-dimensional space. Zoke Crane‘s electric single girder overhead crane adopts a unique design concept and features small size, light weight and low wheel pressure. Compared with […]


Crane Pulley Bearing Damage Causes And Replacement

2021-09-26|Product News

Crane in the pulley group for an important component, is also an important component of the crane lifting, its pulley group generally by the rolling bearing, pulley, pulley shaft, rolling bearing spacer, the structure to withstand radial force is better than bearing axial force. This structure in the use of rolling bearing retaining ring, support […]

hoist guide

The Role And Working Principle Of The Electric Hoist Rope Guide

2021-09-10|Product News

The rope guide for hoist is composed of rope guide nut, rope guide plate and connecting steel belt. Is a wire rope electric hoist used to prevent the wire rope messy rope device. Prevent the phenomenon of jumping groove lead to rope messy rope, deformation, accelerate wear and reduce security. Currently commonly used circular rope guide, […]

crane wire rope wear

Care And Maintenance of Wire Ropes

2021-09-10|Product News

The wire rope lubrication on the service life of the wire rope has a great influence, including phosphate coating wire rope, galvanized wire rope and light surface wire rope. The system lubrication of steel wire rope, can make the life of steel wire rope extend 2-3 times, so, to lubricate the steel wire rope on […]

crane rail fasteners

Crane Rail Fixing Details

2021-09-10|Product News

A bridge crane is a type of overhead crane used to transport equipment across the shop floor. Fixed track operation, the track is fixed on the load-bearing beam. The track is generally fixed in two ways: high-strength bolts fixed and pressure plate welding fixed. These two approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Today we will […]

Brake pads

What Are The Vulnerable Parts of a Crane?

2021-09-10|Product News

The crane is a necessary loading and unloading equipment for many factories, logistics and storage. After a period of use, some problems will be presented, such as parking the car will still slide forward, which is formed by the brake pad wear. This has nothing to do with the quality of the crane, because the […]

wire rope drum

Crane Drum Scrapping Standards

2021-09-10|Product News

Crane drum is a part of the crane, its role is to store wire rope, confirm the height of lifting goods, so how to do a good job of crane drum daily check and its scrapping standards is what, we will introduce the following. Crane drum type: crane drum is divided into casting drum and […]

crane wire rope guide

Overhead Crane Rope Guide Replacement

2021-09-02|Product News

Single girder overhead travelling crane on the rope guide, also known as rope row device, is a relatively simple damage to the attachment. However, many customers do not know how to replace the rope guide. This article briefly introduced the replacement guide rope device approach and process, for your reference. Single girder overhead travelling crane […]

Gantry Crane Drive Motor And Drive Mechanism

Gantry Crane Drive Motor And Drive Mechanism

2021-08-24|Product News

Main technical indicators of driving mechanism The main and vice hoisting mechanism of the gantry crane adopts AC frequency conversion speed control. The gantry crane’s large car walking and trolley walking mechanism adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation. In order to improve the reliability of gantry crane operation, the electrical drive system does not share […]

gantry crane rail

Overhead Crane Wheel And Crane Rail Hardness

2021-08-20|Product News

Lifting machinery wheels are used to support the weight of the crane and the weight of the crane itself, and guide the crane along the track running that is the role of support and guidance, so the wheel should be one of the important parts of lifting machinery. But our lifting machinery inspectors in the […]

eot crane rail

Eot Crane And Gantry Crane Wheel Alignment

2021-08-20|Product News

There are seven overhead cranes and gantry cranes, which are mainly used for lifting operations such as downsteaming, finishing treatment, outgoing and outgoing shipment, and auxiliary maintenance of equipment. Since the second half of 2020, bridge cranes and gantry cranes (QL12.5 +12.5t-31.5m-A6) in the process of large car operation, especially in the start, braking when […]


Overhead Eot Crane Wheel Material Specification Selection

2021-08-20|Product News

The wheel is an important part of the overhead crane, rolling on the rails and bearing the self weight of the overhead crane and lifting weight load. Overhead crane wheels are characterized by low speed and heavy load, therefore, the wheel material should have high strength, high hardness and good wear resistance. Overhead crane wheels […]

Gantry Crane Support Structure

Gantry Crane Support Structure Design

2021-08-20|Product News

Steel structure of the crane The main support structure of gantry crane includes: gantry steel structure, upper trolley steel structure, lower trolley steel structure, large trolley balance beam and maintenance crane steel structure, etc. The gantry steel structure is mainly composed of the main beam, rigid leg, flexible leg and lower cross beam. The rigid […]


450 Ton Gantry Crane Example Design Manual

2021-08-07|Product News

Gantry crane’s main use, purpose and basic requirements One 450-ton gantry crane, with a gauge of 130 meters and a track length of 350 meters, is installed above the second slide. The crane operation area covers the whole slideway operation area. To improve the speed of group block construction, shorten the time of occupying the […]

crane rail wear

What Causes Crane Rail Wear?Crane Rail Wear Limits

2021-08-07|Product News

Crane car or car in the running process, the wheel rim and track side contact, resulting in horizontal lateral thrust, causing friction and wear of the wheel rim and track. Crane wear track phenomenon manifested in various forms, sometimes only one wheel wear track, sometimes several wheels wear track at the same time, sometimes round-trip […]

fixed gantry crane

Gantry Crane vs Engine Hoist

2021-08-07|Product News

A gantry crane is a crane built atop a gantry, which is a structure used to straddle an object or workspace. They can range from enormous “full” gantry cranes, capable of lifting some of the heaviest loads in the world, to small shop cranes, used for tasks such as lifting automobile engines out of vehicles. […]

Gantry Crane Lifting Mechanism Design

Gantry Crane Lifting Mechanism Design

2021-08-07|Product News

Overview of the gantry crane lifting mechanism part Mainly includes the upper and lower trolley lifting and running mechanism, large car running mechanism and maintenance cranes, elevators and other auxiliary institutions. The design of each institution should conform to the specification and meet the requirements of its working level. The equipment and components of each […]

gantry crane installation

Detailed Steps Of Gantry Crane Installation

2021-08-07|Product News

There are three main steps to install a gantry crane. Gantry crane installation before the preparation work : Before the installation of gantry cranes should be to the scene to survey the site and analyze the measured data, and develop a proper crane installation program, so that the gantry crane installation work can be carried […]

gantry crane rail

Gantry Crane Rail Installation Construction Plan

2021-08-07|Product News

Track laying, car block installation 1.The track should be checked before installation, if bent, twisted, etc., it should be corrected before installation. 2.The limit deviation value AS of the crane track span S shall not exceed the following values: AS = Shi 4mm. Measurement method: Will measure the ruler in the track of the A […]

hoist wire rope

EOT Crane Wire Rope Specification

2021-07-02|Product News

The choice of steel wire rope Select the variety of steel wire rope structure, can be based on GB/T20118-2006 standard in the appendix A “wire rope main use recommended table”, in view of the line contact wire rope breaking tension, long fatigue life, good corrosion resistance, it is recommended to give priority to the line […]

exterior structure diagram

Overhead Bridge EOT Crane,1 Ton 2 Ton 3 Ton 5 Ton 10 Ton 16 Ton 20 Ton Specification

2021-06-10|Product News

1~20 Ton Electric Single Gieder Overhead Crane Electric single girder bridge crane is widely used in factories, warehouses, material yards and other different occasions to lift goods, prohibit the use in flammable, explosive corrosive media environment. The electric single girder bridge crane is equipped with two operation forms: ground and manipulation room. There are two […]


Warehouse Crane System,Warehouse Overhead Crane,Warehouse Gantry Crane,Warehouse Hoist

2021-06-10|Product News

Warehouse is an important place to store goods, but also the main place for the turnover of goods, warehouse loading and unloading is very frequent, relying on manpower alone is inefficient and long, so the warehouse operations have some operating equipment to assist.Warehouse crane is used to load, unload and transport materials in the warehouse. […]

Monorail systems

Overhead Crane VS Monorail Crane

2021-06-08|Product News

Difference between overhead crane and monorail crane 1.The running track is different Bridge crane: bridge along the track laid on both sides of the elevated longitudinal running, lifting trolley along the track laid on the bridge lateral running, constituting a rectangular working range, you can make full use of the space under the bridge lifting […]


Overhead Crane VS Gantry Crane

2021-06-08|Product News

Similarities between overhead cranes and gantry cranes Both can be applied to indoor lifting and hoisting operating environment, most of them take electric drive, and can be operated outdoors under the condition of adding rain-proof equipment or rain-proof measures. Difference between bridge crane and gantry crane 1.Different appearance Bridge crane:shaped like a bridge that will […]

single girder gantry crane

Overhead Crane Installation Service

2021-06-07|Product News

The overhead crane installation process takes you from the purchase of the overhead crane to the completion of the installation, securing project dates and controlling your budget. View the bridge crane installation guide to get your bridge crane installed effectively now. Overhead Crane Installation Once you have selected the type of crane for your application, […]


Overhead Crane Inspection Maintenance And Repair Service

2021-06-05|Product News

In order to extend the service life of the crane, improve the utilization rate of equipment and ensure safe production, must do a good job of routine maintenance of lifting equipment and planned maintenance work. Do a good job of crane maintenance work during the inspection interval, is to ensure the normal continuous operation of […]

types of festoon system

Crane Electrification And Different Types Of Overhead Crane Power Rails

2021-06-02|Product News

Overhead crane is a modern industrial production and lifting transport to achieve mechanization of the production process, automation of important tools and equipment. So the bridge crane in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemical industry, railroad transportation, port terminals and logistics turnover and other departments and places are widely used. […]

wall cantilever jib crane dimensions

Wall Cantilever Jib Crane Dimensions

2021-04-25|Product News

Wall cantilever jib cranes are a kind of wall-mounted lifting equipment with a unique, safe and reliable structure, featuring high efficiency, energy saving, time saving and flexibility, and are widely used in production workshops. Wall cantilever jib cranes belong to small and medium-sized transfer equipment, unique structure, safe and reliable, with high efficiency, energy saving, […]

crane trolley design

Bridge Crane Trolley Design

2021-04-23|Product News

The design is for the trolley part of the crane. The lifting trolley travels laterally along the trolley track, while the hook does the lifting movement. Its working range is the rectangular space of the lot it can travel in, which is exactly in line with the general form of the workshop. Through the overall […]

Underslung crane vs eot crane

Underslung Crane VS EOT Crane

2021-04-23|Product News

Underslung crane and eot crane doesn’t run quite the same way as the carrier. Single girder overhead travelling crane with traveler beam and track on the lower side of the end girder, for plant with bearing beams on both sides to accommodate the track. Single girder underslung crane with travelling beam and I-beam on the […]


Heavy Duty Overhead Crane Maintenance

2021-04-23|Product News

As our society and economy continue to develop, the demand for the production of heavy overhead cranes is increasing, as is their use. The main machines used to transport materials in large warehouses and docks are heavy duty overhead travelling cranes. The structure of heavy overhead cranes is very complex and must be observed in […]

double girder grab bucket eot crane

What is Crane Grab?How to Choose a Crane Grab?

2021-04-22|Product News

A crane grab is a special tool used by cranes to grab dry bulk goods. Two or more bucket jaws can be opened and closed together to form a space for the material, when loading the jaws are closed in the material pile, the material is caught in the space, when unloading the jaws are […]


Crane Lifting Hook Types,Different Types of Crane Lifting Hook

2021-04-22|Product News

As the best tool for lifting materials, cranes play a good role in lifting and handling heavy objects in people’s work. When it comes to crane handling objects, the most important thing is the hook. So, do you really know about hooks? What categories of crane accessories hooks do you know? Generally speaking, according to […]


What Is Sheaves In Crane?

2021-04-19|Product News

Overview of Sheaves Sets It is a fixed sheave that works in conjunction with the hook set, fixed to the structure, and consists of a combination of several fixed and dynamic pulleys, which can both save force and change the direction of force action. Classification of sheaves Sheaves, which can be divided into working and […]

Pulley sheave

How Does a Crane Pulley System Work?

2021-04-19|Product News

Pulley sets are the main load-bearing parts of a crane and can change the working tension within the flexure or change the speed and direction of its movement due to different use cases. It can be used as a guide pulley, more often to form a pulley set. There are two types of pulley for […]


Eot Crane Wheel Material Specification

2021-04-16|Product News

Overhead crane wheels are relatively easy to damage components. According to the characteristics of the use of overhead cranes, the wheel tread surface is required to have a high hardness, and a certain depth of hardened layer and transition layer (depth > 10mm, hardness HRC40一48), in order to improve the bearing capacity, wear resistance and […]


Gantry Crane Wheel Design

2021-04-16|Product News

With the continuous improvement of production levels, the role of lifting and transport machinery has gone beyond being used as auxiliary equipment and has thus been directly applied in the production process, becoming an integral part of the main equipment on the flowing production line. In order to better adapt to the large hydropower construction […]


In Eot Crane Pulley System is Used For

2021-04-16|Product News

Characteristics of pulleys and pulley blocks Pulleys are divided into fixed pulleys, movable pulleys, balanced pulleys and guide pulleys according to their uses. The fixed pulley can change the direction of the force; the movable pulley can save effort; the equalizing pulley can balance the tension of the two wire ropes; the guiding pulley can […]

Electric wire rope hoist

What Is Crane Hoist?Crane Hoist Types

2021-04-14|Product News

What is crane hoist Electric hoist is a lifting equipment, widely used in all walks of life, can be in accordance with the overhead crane, gantry crane, electric hoist has a small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use characteristics. The electric hoists can be divided into wire rope electric hoists and chain electric […]

eot crane workshops

What Is Overhead Crane?What Are Overhead Cranes Used For?

2021-04-14|Product News

What is overhead crane The overhead crane is a lifting device for lifting materials across workshops, warehouses and yards. It is shaped like a bridge because its ends are situated on tall concrete columns or metal supports. The overhead crane’s bridge runs longitudinally along a track laid on both sides of the elevated frame, allowing […]


How Does An Overhead Crane Work?

2021-04-14|Product News

The overhead travelling crane is an important piece of construction equipment in the process of handling goods in warehouses. It is highly efficient, safe and reliable, and therefore of great importance for the upgrading of the handling of goods in factories. Overhead cranes are mainly composed of drive unit, working mechanism, pick-up mechanism, driver control […]


Why Use Scissor Lift?

2021-04-13|Product News

What is a scissor lift platform Aerial hydraulic lifting platforms have another name, which is scissor type aerial hydraulic lifting platform. Scissor lift platforms are widely used for installation, maintenance and other operations at height, in addition to being used as a conveyor for goods of different heights. Scissor lift platform free lifting characteristics have […]

different of overhead crane and hoist

What Is Difference Between Crane And Hoist?

2021-04-13|Product News

What is a hoist? A hoist is defined by its lifting medium, power and suspension device. Lifting medium:The lifting medium is a flexible material that connects the hook to the top of the hoist. It can be rope, metal cable, welded chain or roller load chain. A welded anchor chain is like an anchor chain, […]

fixed column jib cranes

What Is Jib Crane Apparatus?

2021-04-10|Product News

Jib cranes are small and medium-sized lifting equipment developed in recent years, with a unique structure, safe and reliable, with high efficiency, energy saving, time-saving, flexible and other characteristics, three-dimensional air can be operated at will, in the section distance, intensive transfer of occasions, than other conventional lifting equipment to show its superiority. The jib […]


What Is The Purpose Of a Jib On a Crane

2021-04-10|Product News

The column type electric jib crane consists of: column, rotating arm I-beam track, lifting mechanism, rotating motor and anti-collision device. The jib crane consists of a column, a slewing arm slewing drive and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed to the concrete foundation by means of ground bolts (or chemical […]


How Jib Crane Works?

2021-04-10|Product News

Jib crane is a kind of lifting machinery, mainly refers to the CD1, MD1 series of wire rope explosion-proof electric hoists in the original CD, MD type based on the improvement of the product. Compared with traditional cranes, the distance from the hook to the wall of the jib crane is smaller and the headroom […]

Floor mounted jib crane

What Are Jib Cranes Used For?

2021-04-10|Product News

Jib cranes have a wide range of applications and are used in important industries such as ports, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy and chemicals, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highways, bulky transport, pipeline auxiliaries, slope tunnels, shaft management protection, sea rescue, marine engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, arenas and […]


About The Application of Wire Rope Drum in Crane

2021-04-09|Product News

Crane wire rope drum The main components of a crane drum set are the drum, the connecting disc and the bearing support. These can be divided into two types: long-shaft drums and short-shaft drums. Long-shaft drum sets have two types of drum sets: gear connection disc sets and drum sets with large gears, and this […]


Purpose of Gantry Crane

2021-04-09|Product News

Gantry cranes are mainly used for outdoor yards, yard goods, bulk loading and unloading work, with high utilization rate of places, large scale of work, a wide range of habits, strong versatility and other characteristics, according to its use of the way divided into the following categories. General gantry crane General gantry crane mostly uses […]


How Does a Gantry Crane Work?

2021-04-08|Product News

Gantry cranes have become the most widely used and owned rail cranes because of their superior performance, with rated lifting capacities ranging from a few tons to several hundred tons. The most common form of gantry crane is the universal hook gantry crane, other gantry cranes are improved on this form. Gantry crane is a […]


What Are The Parts Of a Gantry Crane?

2021-04-08|Product News

Gantry crane is a bridge type crane supported on the ground track by legs on both sides. In the structure by the gantry, large car running mechanism, lifting trolley and electrical parts and other components. Some gantry cranes only have legs on one side, the other side of the support in the plant or bridge […]


What Are The Parts Of An Overhead Crane?

2021-04-07|Product News

Overhead cranes are generally made up of a bridge (also known as a large car). Lifting mechanism, trolley, trolley moving mechanism, manipulation room, trolley conductive device (auxiliary sliding line), crane total power conductive device (main sliding line) and other parts. Bridges The bridge frame is the basic component of the overhead crane, it consists of […]


What Is Overhead Crane Operation?

2021-04-07|Product News

Overhead crane is a major lifting and transport equipment in the production logistics process, the efficiency of its use is related to the production rhythm of the enterprise. At the same time, the overhead crane is also a dangerous special equipment, once the accident may cause harm to people and property. The driver of the […]

double hoist overhead crane

Double Hoist Crane,Double Hoist Overhead Crane,Double Hoist Gantry Crane,Double Hoist Jib Crane

2021-04-02|Product News

Double hoist crane is a crane with two electric hoist for efficient material handling. Double Hoist Overhead Crane The double hoist electric single girder overhead travelling crane is a bridge type crane supported on rails by crossbeams on both sides, and is a lifting device that enables heavy objects hanging on the crane hook to […]


How Crane Hooks Are Made?

2021-04-01|Product News

The hook is the main component of the lifting machinery, is the most common kind of spreader in the lifting machinery. The hook is often suspended from the wire rope of the lifting mechanism with the help of components such as the pulley set The hook set is made up of several simple parts such […]


Why Do Cranes Have Two Hooks?

2021-04-01|Product News

Not all cranes have two hooks. Depending on the specific construction requirements and the structure of the equipment itself, some cranes are equipped with two large hooks. Generally speaking mobile cranes are equipped with two hooks, fast hooks and slow hooks. However, the use of fast hooks on large tonnage cranes is very small. It […]


Interpretation of The Problems and Solutions of The Lift Platform in Daily Use

2021-03-31|Product News

Many friends often have some simple faults after buying the lifting platform. In fact, these can be avoided and dealt with. Today, the problems and solutions in daily use of the lifting platform are analyzed as follows: Performance description of lifting platform: 1. Complies with the GB17620-1998 standard. 2. Voltage level: 220KV. Note that if […]


Why Do You Need a Lifting Platform

2021-03-31|Product News

Lift platforms are mainly used in the logistics industry, production lines, lifting, loading and unloading of goods from basement to floors, and can also be used for lifting stages, lifting consoles, etc. The fixed lifting platform has a stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance. Structure composition of […]

double girder grab bucket eot crane

More Questions about Grab Bucket Crane,Grab Bucket EOT Crane

2021-03-30|Product News

Grab cranes are used in fields that cannot be completed by ordinary hook cranes. Most of them grab bulk materials. They are generally sold in a customized way. Unlike general cranes, grab cranes also need to determine the volume of the grab. The more common crane grab forms in daily use are shell-shaped and multi-part. […]

Floor mounted jib crane

What Problems Should be Paid Attention to When Buying a Jib Crane?

2021-03-26|Product News

The jib crane is a new generation of light lifting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric chain hoist and is especially suitable for short distances, frequent use, and intensive lifting operations. It is highly efficient, energy-saving, trouble-saving, and intensive. The area is small, easy to operate […]


How to Choose The Wheel Diameter of Overhead Crane?

2021-03-25|Product News

The wheel set is an important component of the bridge crane. The layout of the metal structure of the crane is closely related to the diameter and type of the wheel. The wheel set directly determines the overall structure and dimensions of the crane. The wheel usage of bridge cranes in China and other countries […]


What are The Parts of Wire Rope Electric Hoist That Need to be Mmaintained

2021-03-24|Product News

With the development of construction industry and industry, wire rope electric hoist is used more and more widely, and the environment of application is more and more diverse, including places with harsh environments. In order to ensure the efficiency and life of the wire rope electric hoist, some parts need to be regularly inspected and […]


Method to Prevent The Wire Rope Electric Hoist Reducer from Falling

2021-03-24|Product News

In the safety accidents of electric wire rope hoist every year, there are accidents of the reducer falling. The fall of the reducer has become a very serious safety hazard. In order to prevent the wire rope electric hoist reducer from falling, everyone should pay attention to the following aspects. Eliminate the safety hazards of […]

The doube girder semi gantry crane

Technical Specification of 20 Ton Gantry Crane

2021-03-23|Product News

The 20 ton gantry cranes in this technical specification are mainly used for lifting and transporting large steel plates, section steels and other crane operations in the workshop. Product name: 20t electromagnetic/hook semi-gantry crane Working conditions: temperature -5℃-40℃, maximum relative humidity is 95%; The service life of the steel structure is 30 years, the rest […]

MG type double beam hook gantry crane

Where Are Gantry Cranes Used?

2021-03-22|Product News

Gantry crane is a variant of bridge crane, also called gantry crane. Its metal structure is like a door-shaped frame, with two supporting feet installed under the main beam, which can walk directly on the track on the ground, and the two ends of the main beam can have outhanging cantilever beams. Mainly used for […]


How Electric Hoist Overhead Crane Works?

2021-03-20|Product News

The electric hoist bridge crane works by moving along the direction of the plant track and the direction of the trolley track on the bridge, and the lifting movement of the hook. Working environment conditions of electric hoist overhead crane 1. The power supply of the electric hoist bridge crane is three-phase four-wire AC, the frequency […]

single girder overhead cranes

Single Girder EOT Crane Specifications

2021-03-19|Product News

In order to strengthen the management of crane machinery (single beam overhead crane) and ensure the normal operation and safe production of crane machinery (single beam overhead crane), this system is specially formulated. This system applies to all the company’s single-beam bridge crane users and single-beam bridge crane management personnel. Single Girder EOT Crane Management […]


Regarding the Column Mounted Jib Crane Specifications

2021-03-18|Product News

Specifications for Column Mounted Jib Crane Operators The safe and effective operation of column mounted jib cranes requires skills: careful and good judgment, alertness and full attention; and resolute implementation of relevant safety rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are explained and proven in the current safety standards. Column mounted jib cranes generally move […]


Floor Mounted Jib Crane Installation

2021-03-17|Product News

Floor mounted jib crane is the most widely used lifting equipment in production today. What are the advantages of fixed column cantilever crane? It has high reliability and is suitable for frequent lifting tasks in short distances. It is flexible in operation and greatly improves work efficiency. So how is the fixed column jib crane […]

Floor mounted jib crane

What Are Jib Cranes Used For

2021-03-16|Product News

The jib crane is a boom-type crane in which the retrieval device is hung on the end of the boom or on a lifting trolley that can run along the jib. The jib can be swivelled but cannot be pitched. It is a necessary separate emergency hoisting equipment for high-efficiency automatic production lines. It is […]


Portable Mini Gantry Crane 5 Ton

2021-03-12|Product News

The small portable lifting gantry crane is a new type of small lifting gantry developed according to the daily production needs of small and medium-sized factories (companies) to handle equipment, warehouse import and export, lifting and maintenance of heavy equipment and material transportation. They are usually used indoors, garages, warehouses, workshops, docks, garages, ports and other […]


Design and Case of Portable Gantry Crane in Singapore

2021-03-12|Product News

This case introduces a small portable gantry crane, which has the advantages of simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly, stable and convenient movement. It is time-saving, labor-saving, safe and reliable to use it for hoisting sleeper plates. Project Overview In 2020, we received a Singapore project. The 58 small retarders on the 7th to 36th […]


Types of Overhead Cranes PDF

2021-03-06|Product News

Overhead crane is an important tool and equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation.The overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used for material lifting in the workshop, warehouse and yard.It is shaped like a bridge because its two ends are […]

Tips to operate the crane

Tips to operate the crane

2020-05-19|Product News

Crane is a kind of material handling machine by lifting and horizontal movement. If grab blade plate wear and deformation serious, must be urgently repaired or replaced. Forged hook in the low stress zone to print the rated lifting weight, factory mark, number and other marks. When the wire rope is lubricated, special attention should […]

Composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

The composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

2019-11-19|Product News

Composition of gantry crane Gantry crane is a kind of crane whose horizontal bridge is set on two legs to form the gantry structure. This kind of crane runs on the ground track, and is mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station for handling and installation. The […]

The composition of overhead crane and safety precautions

The composition of overhead crane and safety precautions

2019-07-24|Product News

The composition of overhead crane The bridge crane is the equipment that uses the hook (also use grab bucket or electric magnet chuck) to carry the material. The bridge crane is mainly composed of three parts: bridge structure, mechanical transmission and electrical equipment. Safety protection There shall be overload limiter and travel limiter switch for […]

Characteristics and common

Characteristics and common safety protection measures of European single beam crane

2018-02-05|Product News

European crane adopts a unique design concept, with the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure. Compared with the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, the clearance height is the lowest, it can be closer to the front operation, and the lifting height is […]

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