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2021-03-06|Product News

Overhead crane is an important tool and equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation.The overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used for material lifting in the workshop, warehouse and yard.It is shaped like a bridge because its two ends are perched on tall concrete columns or metal supports.The bridge of the overhead crane runs longitudinally along the track laid on the viaduct on both sides, which can make full use of the space below the bridge to lift materials and is not hindered by the ground equipment.It is the most widely used, the largest number of a kind of lifting machinery, suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemical industry, railway traffic, port and logistics and other departments and places.

Henan Zoke Crane Co., Ltd. is an experienced crane manufacturer.In recent years,our company has introduced a series of advanced equipment including steel un-coiler machine,shot blasting machine,groove machine,flip tooling, double welding gun,etc.Which realized a production line composed of the plate unrolling,shearing, feeding,molding,overall squeeze the assembly ribs,automatic welding robot,and test station.We also welcome OEM and ODM orders.

Single Girder Overhead Cranes

The electric single beam overhead crane is composed of main girder, end girder, electric hoist and operating mechanism. The lower flange plate of main girder (material 16Mm) is used as the electric sound running track to complete the lifting and transportation of goods.The span is 7~37m (non-standard design can be carried out according to user requirements), the working level is A3, and the working environment temperature is -25℃-40℃.
The operation mode has three operation modes: ground handle, wireless remote control and driver's cab.There are two kinds of open cab and closed cab.The operation motor can choose soft start motor and frequency control according to the user's requirements, the crane starts smoothly, the operation is safe and satisfactory.

Features: light structure, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

Applicable: used in factories, warehouses, material yards and other different occasions to lift goods, prohibited in flammable, explosive, corrosive media environment.


Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Electric double beam overhead crane is a widely used lifting machinery at present. It is mainly composed of box bridge frame, lifting trolley, wagon running mechanism and electric control system.The fetching device is a hook.
There are tracks laid above the main girder for the lifting trolley to move laterally along the main girder direction.The main girder and the box end beam are welded, and the end beam is arranged in the middle with a joint and a screw connection for the bridge to be separated and transported.The walking platform is used to place the running mechanism of the cart, electrical equipment and for maintenance.
The operation mode has three operation modes: ground handle, wireless remote control and driver's cab.The cab has two types of open and closed, with adjustable seats, insulation pads on the bottom plate, tempered glass Windows, fire extinguishers and electric fans, and can be equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, loudspeakers, walkie-talkies and other items according to user requirements.
This crane working class A3~A7, commonly used lifting weight of 3-250t.Suitable in the ambient temperature -10℃~40℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%.

Features: the crane can be equipped with motor grab, electromagnetic chuck and other fetching devices, to meet the needs of lifting various types of materials.

Applicable: factory, warehouse and goods yard for loading, unloading and lifting work, prohibited in flammable, explosive and corrosive gas filled environment work.


FEM Standard Overhead Cranes

FEM standard overhead crane is to introduce and absorb advanced foreign technology, on the basis of guided by the theory of modular design, by means of modern computer technology, the introduction of optimization design and reliability design method, using imported configuration, new material, new process completed with a lightweight, generalization, energy conservation, environmental protection, free maintenance and high technical content of the new type of crane.
This crane design, manufacturing and inspection are all implement the latest promulgated by the relevant state standards and the equivalent part using FEM, DIN, IEC and other foreign standards, compared with the original general QD type overhead crane products, reduce weight about 15 ~ 30%, the largest round reduce little about 10 ~ 35%, the core component of actuator reducer are all made of hard tooth surface, high precision gear pair, along with steel wheel drum, forging, and the application of variable frequency speed regulation system, makes the model crane traditional gm overhead crane 's new production.

Features: It can reduce the requirements of the crane on the structure of the workshop and save the manufacturing cost of the workshop.

Applicable: machinery manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, power construction, paper making, railway and other industries.


Underhung Overhead Cranes

The electric suspension crane is composed of the main beam, end beam, electric hoist and electric sports car welded by steel plate and I-steel. It is suspended on the I-beam track at the upper part of the workshop. The cantilever length is ~1m.The span is 3~16m (non-standard design can be carried out according to user requirements), the working level is A3, and the working environment temperature is -25℃~40℃.

Features: light structure, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

Applicable: used in production workshop, warehouse and goods yard and other places.


Workstation overhead Cranes

KBK suspension crane is the use of standard straight line rail and other auxiliary standard components, used for conveying heavier loads.The trolley parts at both ends of the main girder run in two parallel hanging KBK tracks perpendicular to the direction of the main girder. The double beam is used with the PK type chain electric hoist, and the chain hoist runs the trolley along the direction of the main girder.The modular system design allows the hoist to be mounted between the main girders of the crane to maximize the hook travel, and the span to be maximized through multiple hangers (the crane runs on more than two tracks), covering a wide range of storage and production areas, with a rated lifting weight of up to 3200 kg

Features: maximized space utilization, excellent installation size, can be suspended from the existing workshop ceiling or roof structure, no need to support the crane track, the edge distance is small, to ensure the highest space utilization.Modular system design, a wide range of applications

Applicable: any small space where light items need to be carried.


Zoke Crane Cost-effective solutions can be customized to meet customer workshop requirements - even in limited areas.You can contact us at any time, tell us your requirements, we will provide the most suitable scheme

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