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Why Do You Need a Lifting Platform

2021-03-31|Product News

Lift platforms are mainly used in the logistics industry, production lines, lifting, loading and unloading of goods from basement to floors, and can also be used for lifting stages, lifting consoles, etc. The fixed lifting platform has a stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance.

Structure composition of lifting platform

Lifting platform base
Each data platform base has a chassis made of a welded frame, and five legs on the chassis are used to disperse the load from the column. Four of the five outriggers are placed around the base of the platform, and one is placed in the center of the base of the platform to make the platform more stable. The four extendable legs on the outside should be opened as far as possible when using a single column, so that the stability of the single column lifting platform will be better. The platform is also equipped with four wheels, which can move on the construction site without completely disassembling the lifting platform. In addition, there is a cushion rubber shock absorber on the platform base, which can reduce the impact on the base when the Shi_T platform is lowered.

The column is a triangular lattice structure welded by square steel pipes, racks, steel bars, etc. The height of the standard section is 1.5m, and the vertical direction is connected by M20×80 high-strength bolts to reach the specified height. The uprights are divided into standard uprights and limit uprights. The limit uprights are mainly used at the bottom and top. When the micro switch on the drive touches the limit block on the limit column, it will stop automatically, preventing. Prevent the driver from hitting the base or going out of the column to cause danger.

Lifting platform beam
The lifting platform beam is the foundation of the working face of the Sting lift. It is a triangular lattice frame welded by three square steel pipes. There are two different specifications of 1.5m and 1.0m, which are connected by a pin to form different lengths.

The driver is the power device of the lifting platform, which can move vertically along the column through the rotation of two motors. The motor has a self-brake device, which can lock the driver on the column when the power is off. The motor moves on the rack of the column through the gear device.
In addition, an independent centrifugal anti-fall device is installed on each drive, which can hug the column when the lifting platform accelerates and descend in the event of an accident, preventing the Shi T platform from continuing to fall. Each driver is guided by 15 guide wheels and moves smoothly along the column. Various sensors are installed on the drive, which automatically shuts down in dangerous situations.

Security component
Liquan protective structures mainly include safety gates, guardrails, stand protective covers, scaffolds, platform stairs, etc. The safety door is the passage for the upper and lower platforms, and is installed on the drive L. When the safety door is opened, the sensor senses it. Unable to start the drive. Only when the safety door is closed can the drive be started to lift the lifting platform.
The guardrail is a welded stereotyped frame, inserted and sleeved on the platform beam. The height of the guardrail is l 2m, and the bottom is equipped with a foot stopper. There are two lengths. Corresponds to the length of the platform beam.


Why use a fixed lifting platform

The fixed lifting platform can be equipped with accessory devices according to the requirements of use. The fixed lifting platform can be combined arbitrarily, such as the safety protection device of the fixed lifting platform; the electrical control method of the fixed lifting platform; the form of the fixed lifting platform; the fixed lifting platform Power form; fixed lifting platform walking drive mechanism, etc. The correct choice of various configurations can maximize the function of the fixed lifting platform and achieve the best use effect.
Scissor lifting equipment platforms are divided into: mobile lifting equipment platforms, fixed lifting equipment platforms, and traction lifting equipment platforms. The power of the mobile lifting equipment platform is manual or electric.


The mobile lifting equipment platform has the advantages of stable structure, flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation, and large load capacity.

The traction lifting equipment platform uses external power for traction, using three-phase power or diesel engine as power. The traction lifting equipment platform is convenient and quick to move, suitable for long-distance operations, and is mainly used for field high-altitude operations in petroleum, electric power, urban construction, post and telecommunications industries. . The mobile lifting equipment platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Its scissor mechanical structure enables the lifting equipment platform to have a higher stability, a large working platform and a higher load-bearing capacity, so that the lifting equipment platform has a larger aerial working range and is suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. The mobile lifting equipment platform makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer. Mobile lifting equipment platforms are mainly used for mechanical installation, equipment maintenance, and building maintenance in stations, wharfs, bridges, halls, and workshops.

The fixed lifting platform is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and a wide range of applications. The fixed lifting platform is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height differences of the production line; the material is on and off the line; the height of the workpiece is adjusted when the workpiece is assembled; Feeding by high-altitude feeder; lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; loading and unloading of large-scale machine tools; storage and loading and unloading places with forklifts and other handling vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods.

Instructions for use of lifting platform

Before use
1. Before each use of the platform, you must carefully check the surface of the platform, parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, severe wear, and damage that affect safety. If so, it is strictly forbidden to use it.
2. When using the platform, choose a hard and level ground to prevent the danger of side tilt.
3. Use the most suitable height of the platform correctly, and never add anything or place anything under the platform to increase the height.
4. For the 6-meter platform, a pull wire above ф8 should be set up in the upper part of the platform.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use the platform when dizzy, drunk or unwell.
6. When working around doors and windows, you must first fix the doors and windows to prevent opening and closing the doors and windows from hitting the platform.
7. Be careful when using the platform under strong wind conditions, or try not to use it as much as possible.
8. Without the permission of the manufacturer, the platform will never attach other structures, and never use or repair damaged platforms.

When using it
1. It is absolutely forbidden to exceed the workload of the platform.
2. Pay special attention to safety when retracting the platform. In any case, it is not allowed to retract the platform when the personnel are on the platform.
3. When using the platform, first fix the four wheels at the bottom of the platform. The four wheels can be locked by lightly stepping on the locking device on the wheels.
4. After the platform is raised to the required height, it must be ensured that the metal chucks installed on both sides of the platform bail hold the platform support before it can be used.
5. After the platform is raised, the four upper pull ropes must be fixed.
6. When climbing the platform, you must wear flat shoes to avoid slipping accidents.
7. Only one person is allowed to climb or work on the platform.
8. When there are people on the platform, it is strictly forbidden to retract or move the platform.
9. When pushing or pulling things on the platform, be careful. You may lose your balance and become dangerous.

After use
1. When retracting the platform, when the platform is about to reach the bottom, the speed must be slow, otherwise the platform will be damaged due to excessive impact.
2. When retracting the platform, the staff must pay special attention to the position of the metal chuck to prevent the metal chuck from injuring fingers.

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