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Interpretation of The Problems and Solutions of The Lift Platform in Daily Use

2021-03-31|Product News

Many friends often have some simple faults after buying the lifting platform. In fact, these can be avoided and dealt with. Today, the problems and solutions in daily use of the lifting platform are analyzed as follows:

Performance description of lifting platform:

1. Complies with the GB17620-1998 standard.
2. Voltage level: 220KV. Note that if it is damp or damaged, the insulation performance will be reduced. Therefore, if the water platform is used in a live environment, please pay attention to:
A. During transportation and storage, take proper protection to prevent moisture or damage and reduce insulation performance.
B. Always keep the outside of the platform clean and dry.
C. Electrical performance inspection shall be carried out according to GB17620-1998 standard for one year beyond the production date.
3. Allowable working load: 100 kg.

Now in many industries, manual handling tools and fixed auxiliary tools for loading and unloading goods are inseparable for the handling and stacking of goods. In mobile goods handling, there are internal combustion forklifts, manual pallets, etc., and in fixed goods loading and unloading. There are lifting platforms, boarding bridges and other equipment.
In the course of use, these devices have played a very important role, bringing great help to the entire industry and even the entire economic development, but these devices also need regular maintenance and maintenance, otherwise the work efficiency and utilization rate will be reduced. decline.


Let's take the hydraulic lifting platform as an example to describe how to pay attention to the repair and maintenance of these equipment.
   Preferably, normal and regular maintenance is based on prevention, and correction or repair is given before damage or malfunction. Careful inspection and maintenance can save costs and avoid bigger problems, resulting in high-cost repairs.
  Secondly, the hydraulic lifting platform is driven by electric energy, and the hydraulic system is lifted. Irregular operations are avoided during operation, ensuring the normal and orderly operation of the lifting platform and reaching the ideal unloading level.
Once again, check every week, check whether the connections of the lifting platform are tightened, whether the sealing ring is damaged or invalid, whether the hydraulic oil is lacking, whether the oil cylinder is leaking are the main points of the inspection, and it must be cleaned once a week. The frame, scissor, circuit, and oil cylinder should be cleaned to prevent dust and debris from affecting normal work.
   Then, for the replacement of hydraulic oil, it is better to replace it once every three months. If the frequency of use is not high, it can be replaced once a year. The hydraulic oil must be clean. After the hydraulic oil is changed, it must be turned on and automatically lifted 2 to 3 times, so that the air in the cylinder is cleaned, and enough space is maintained to ensure that the lifting platform can be raised and lowered to the rated lifting height.
   Then, the loading platform of the lifting platform needs to carry the cargo evenly, and no side load is allowed. The lifting of the cargo does not allow people to stand on both sides of the platform. The lifting cargo should be as stable as possible to rise at a uniform speed.
   Later, when the lifting platform has a major failure, it should be repaired by professionals as soon as possible. After the failure, it will not be used to avoid accidents and cause annual personnel and property losses.
  Of course, there are still many things to pay attention to in the maintenance and maintenance of the lifting platform. I also hope that our customers and friends will pay more attention when using it to ensure the safety of personnel and property, regular maintenance and maintenance, to extend its service life, and create greater benefits for the enterprise.

Warning tips for the use of lifting platforms:

Warning 1: Failure to follow all instructions will result in serious injury.
Warning 2: If the platform you are using is a three-section design, when opening, raise the first section first, then raise the second section, when retracting, lower the second section first, and then lower the first section.
Warning 3: If the platform you are using is an inverted design, after the platform is erected, be sure to fix the red gear lever on the metal base before performing other operations.
Warning 4: It is strictly forbidden to lift or move the platform when there are people on the platform.
Warning 5: After the platform is raised, the height exceeds one meter, it must be fixed with a red rope before performing other operations.

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