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About The Application of Wire Rope Drum in Crane

2021-04-09|Product News

Crane wire rope drum

The main components of a crane drum set are the drum, the connecting disc and the bearing support. These can be divided into two types: long-shaft drums and short-shaft drums. Long-shaft drum sets have two types of drum sets: gear connection disc sets and drum sets with large gears, and this structural form is currently used more often. The short-shaft drum group is a new structural form, the drum and reducer output shaft with a flange rigid connection. The reducer base is connected to the trolley frame by means of steel balls or cylindrical pins.


Process flow of the drum set

Q235B or Q345B sheet material → rolled drum and welded longitudinal welds → inspection of the longitudinal weld and geometric dimensions of the drum (diameter, length, inner diameter oval tolerance, etc.), for large diameter drum according to the process procedures plus welding process stretching → machined drum ring bevel, the process requires rough processing of the outer circle of the drum to process its outer circle → drum length welding (i.e. ring seam welding).

For the two ends of the cylinder body need to add welding process tension bar in accordance with the provisions of the process regulations, and test the quality of the ring seam welding and machining allowance → cylinder body length of fixed length processing and both ends of the stop or bevel processing → welding cylinder end flange plate, shaft, internal support ring, etc.

Classification according to the structure of the drum set

Drum group with gear connection disc: one end of the drum brief is connected to the end of the gear type outgoing shaft of the reducer through the connection disc with internal teeth, the drum brief group with ball or drum shaped roller connection disc.

With rigid connection flange of the roll simple group: this kind of drum group using flange and reducer cylindrical out of shaft rigid connection reducer base through the steel ball or cylindrical pin and rack hinged. To eliminate the drum group, rack deformation of the rigid combination of parts of the adverse effects of the load. The other end of the drum in addition to the use of fixed shaft type short shaft.

Drum group according to the number of layers of wire rope winding, drum group can be divided into single-layer winding drum and multi-layer winding drum two kinds.

Bridge crane commonly used single layer winding drum. In the single-layer winding drum surface cutting out rope groove, it can increase the contact area of the wire rope and drum, can make the wire rope arrangement neat, at the same time can make the adjacent wire rope friction between reduce and improve the life of the wire rope. And drum length size is limited by the occasion.

The role played by the drum group in the crane

The main role of the crane drum group is used to wind the wire rope, is the power between the prime mover and the wire rope to channel, at the same time can be the prime mover's rotary motion into linear motion.

Now there are crane drum set also installed inside the planetary reducer.

The crane drum set is one of the important accessories in the crane. You need to pay attention when operating, if the crane lifting height is high, in order to reduce the size of the drum, we can change a new material for multi-layer winding, this material is the surface layer with guide spiral groove or smooth drum.

Notes on the use of crane drums

There are spiral grooves on both sides of the drum, and its spiral direction is opposite. The two ends of the steel wire rope are fixed in the left and right spiral groove on the outer end. Steel wire rope in the drum on the fixed usually use pressure plate, this fixed method is simple, easy to disassemble. In order to ensure the safety, reduce the pressure on the fixed pressure plate or the force of the chess piece, to ensure that take the device down to the limit position, in addition to the fixed rope circle on the drum, but also should leave not less than 2 circles of wire rope. These circles of steel wire rope called safety circle, also called load reducing circle. The use of safety circle, rope tail fixed circle pull only steel wire rope big pull of 13.4%. If there is no safety circle, then the fixed circle pulling force is the larger pulling force of the wire rope. And the pressure plate are designed according to the safety circle, so in use, must pay attention to, not allow the wire rope to put all, but must leave a safety load reducing circle. Drum material generally use cast iron, special need when available cast steel or with steel plate rolled welded manufacturing.

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