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How Jib Crane Works?

2021-04-10|Product News

Jib crane is a kind of lifting machinery, mainly refers to the CD1, MD1 series of wire rope explosion-proof electric hoists in the original CD, MD type based on the improvement of the product. Compared with traditional cranes, the distance from the hook to the wall of the jib crane is smaller and the headroom height is very low, which makes it possible to work more closely to increase the effective working space of the existing plant. The light version is a machine that moves in a circular, intermittent manner.

The emergence of the jib crane increases the effective working space of the existing plant, allowing the new plant to be designed to be smaller and more functional. The jib crane is made up of a lifting mechanism (to make the item move up and down), a running mechanism (to make the lifting machine move), a luffing mechanism and a slewing mechanism (to make the item move horizontally), together with a metal mechanism, a power unit, a manipulation control and the necessary auxiliary devices.

The jib crane is light in working strength. The crane consists of a column, a slewing arm slewing drive and an electric hoist, the lower end of the column is fixed to the concrete foundation by means of a foot bolt, the cantilever is driven by a cycloidal reduction device, the electric hoist runs in a straight line from left to right on the cantilever I-beam and lifts heavy loads. The jib crane is a hollow steel structure with strong advantages such as large span, high lifting capacity, light weight and economic durability. The built-in travel mechanism uses special engineering plastic wheels with rolling bearings, which ensure a lighter travel with less friction; the small size of the structure is more conducive to increasing the hook travel.

When a jib crane is lowered, it must first be raised. Many people do not quite understand this. This is in fact the reverse brake. It is designed into the circuit to prevent the inertia brake from stopping when the crane is falling under a heavy load. In a jib crane, it is mainly made of metal and non-metallic materials, similar to its metal structure, mechanical parts, attachments, connections and other components. During operation, the controller should be pulled directly into gear when descending and should stop in reverse gear for a few seconds when descending to achieve a good braking effect.

Modern has many sizes and varieties of jib cranes. Whatever your requirements in terms of lifting weight, suspension angle, jib length and function, all sizes have one common advantage: light weight, long jib length, high lifting weight, simple installation, operation and maintenance.

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