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How Does An Overhead Crane Work?

2021-04-14|Product News

The overhead travelling crane is an important piece of construction equipment in the process of handling goods in warehouses. It is highly efficient, safe and reliable, and therefore of great importance for the upgrading of the handling of goods in factories.

Overhead cranes are mainly composed of drive unit, working mechanism, pick-up mechanism, driver control system, metal structure, etc.

The drive unit of the overhead travelling crane

The drive unit is the power device to drive the working mechanism. The general drive device has electric drive, internal combustion engine drive, human drive, etc., electricity is clean and economic energy, electric drive is the main drive method of modern cranes.

Working mechanism of overhead travelling crane

The working mechanism of the overhead travelling crane includes: lifting mechanism and running mechanism.
1. lifting mechanism is to achieve the object vertical lifting mechanism, so is the crane's most important, the most basic mechanism.
2. The running mechanism is the mechanism for handling objects horizontally through the crane or lifting trolley, which can be divided into rail work and trackless work.

Pick-up device for overhead travelling cranes

The pick-up device is a device that connects the object to the crane by means of a hook. Depending on the type, form and size of the suspended object, different types of pick-up devices are used. The right device can reduce the workload of employees and greatly improve efficiency. The basic requirement to prevent the winch from falling and to ensure the safety of the staff and the safety of the device when the winch is not damaged.

Overhead crane control system

Mainly through the electrical system control to manipulate the entire movement of the crane mechanism to carry out a variety of operations.

Most overhead travelling cranes start a vertical or vertical horizontal working stroke after taking the lifting device, unload it when it reaches its destination and then empty the stroke to the receiving place to complete a working cycle and then carry out a second lifting. In general, lifting machines work with material extraction, relocation and unloading in sequence, with the corresponding mechanism working intermittently. Lifting machinery is mainly used for handling single pieces of goods, equipped with grabs to carry loose materials such as coal, ore and grain, and with buckets to lift liquid materials such as steel. Some lifting machines, such as lifts, can also be used to carry people. In some cases, lifting equipment is also the main operating machinery, for example in ports and stations where loading and unloading of materials is the main operating machinery.

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