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Overhead Crane VS Gantry Crane

2021-06-08|Product News

Similarities between overhead cranes and gantry cranes

Both can be applied to indoor lifting and hoisting operating environment, most of them take electric drive, and can be operated outdoors under the condition of adding rain-proof equipment or rain-proof measures.

Difference between bridge crane and gantry crane

1.Different appearance

Bridge crane:shaped like a bridge that will move.


Gantry crane:shaped like a door frame that will move.


2.Running track is different.

  • Bridge crane is cross-frame in the building fixed crotch pillar on the track, used in workshops, warehouses, etc., in the indoor or open air to do loading and unloading and lifting handling lifting equipment.
  • Gantry crane is a deformation of the bridge crane, also known as gantry crane. At the ends of the main beam there are two tall legs, running along the track on the ground.

3.Be applied to different scenarios.

  • Bridge crane bridge along the track laid on both sides of the elevated longitudinal running, you can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials, not hindered by the ground equipment. It is the use of a wider range, the number of a lifting machine, in the workshop, warehouse and other indoor more common.
  • Gantry cranes have high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, versatility, etc., and are widely used in port yards.

What is Overhead Crane?


Bridge cranes provide a lifting mechanism on an elevated rail for applications that require all processes off the floor. The bridge beam is suspended from the runway which is either attached to the walls or ceiling of the building. It's a permanent fixture with a fixed span and lifting area. Bridge cranes are the first choice for constrained production spaces or crowded work areas.

EOT cranes can lift capacities from a half ton to one hundred tons, and can be made to span hundreds of feet. They can be as standard as a pre-fabricated crane kit or engineered to spec and custom-fabricated. Bridge cranes can also be customized to the needs of certain industries such as pharmaceutical clean rooms, foodservice facilities, hazardous locations, and water treatment plants.

What is Gantry Crane?


Gantry cranes provide overhead lifting from a structure with legs and casters on the floor, either running in a track or trackless. They're more economical, and their potential advantages include movement through the workspace, disassembly for easy relocation, and the ability to lift very heavy loads without exerting stress on the building structure. The very popular aluminum gantry is favored for it's light structure that can often be carried, set up and broken down by one person alone. While gantries can be made in oversized capacities for outdoor use.

In one sentence, the door type has its own legs and the wheels are on the ground (rails are laid on the ground); the bridge type is in mid-air and the wheels are on the beams of the pillars (rails are laid on the beams), which in turn are erected on the supports (bullhorns) extended from the pillars.

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