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Detailed Steps Of Gantry Crane Installation

2021-08-07|Product News

There are three main steps to install a gantry crane.

Gantry crane installation before the preparation work :

  1. Before the installation of gantry cranes should be to the scene to survey the site and analyze the measured data, and develop a proper crane installation program, so that the gantry crane installation work can be carried out smoothly.
  2. Ready for a variety of materials needed (various tools such as: wrenches, pry bars, vise, etc.), apparatus (a variety of equipment such as: welding machine, gas cutting tools, etc.) to prepare and check.
  3. Before installing the gantry crane, do a good job of personnel division of labor configuration, site cleanup, set up obvious construction signs to ensure that the construction can be carried out normally.
  4. The truck crane as lifting equipment, truck crane according to the actual needs of the arrangement, the span and tonnage when the need to use two, the span is small and a single girder gantry crane can be selected for lifting.

Gantry crane installation process can be divided into two parts, the installation of the legs, the installation of the main lifting beam and the installation of the lifting trolley. The gantry crane legs are tilted, so the lifting is also tilted. Relatively high requirements for tethered hook and precision, portal crane main beam in the middle of a number of large span splicing, portal crane trolley is generally configured in the open field rain protection devices.

gantry crane installation

Gantry crane outrigger installation.

  1. Place the cart floor beam on the datum line of the floor beam crane track with the help of the car crane, adjust the distance, and fasten the floor beam cart.
  2. After lifting, tilt the outrigger axis to meet the design requirements.
  3. Adjust the relative position of the outriggers so that the alignment and verticality of the outriggers and the lower crossbeam meet the design.
  4. Stabilize the outriggers. After the installation of outrigger and lower beam, it is necessary to use cable wind rope or auxiliary support to stabilize the outrigger and lower beam.

gantry crane installation

The gantry crane main beam installation.

  1. According to the actual measurement, before carrying out the main girder lifting, make two truck crane standing parts in the working radius of the truck crane, so that the two main girders run as close as possible to the ground beam.
  2. Check the machine tools, arrange, connect, tie and other tools.
  3. Raise the main beam 1~2m from the ground when hanging in the air for more than 5 minutes to confirm that there is no failure before continuing lifting, while raising the height of the two major lifting arms so that the main beam can be docked to the outriggers.
  4. The two gantry cranes used to support the lifting need to work under the command of the same person.
  5. Lift the main beam to a height of 0.5~1m above the outrigger, adjust it to be roughly opposite to the outrigger connection flange, then slowly lower the main beam to the flange on the outrigger and insert the tilt pin guide in the flange bolt to adjust the position, and finally make the main beam sit on top of the outrigger.
  6. Install the connecting bolt with torque wrench and fix it.
  7. With the help of truck crane, the main beam arch will be lifted and installed at the flanges of the two main beams in a manner similar to the previous main beam installation.
  8. Then it is necessary to check and measure the installation accuracy by instruments, and adjust the places that meet the requirements until they meet the design requirements.
  9. Remove the outrigger stabilization pieces.

gantry crane installation

Gantry crane trolley installation.

  1. Choose a suitable working position of the truck crane to facilitate the installation of the trolley.
  2. Lift the trolley up, 1~2m away from the support, check whether the trolley reaches the horizontal state, confirm that the crane spreader is tethered and fastened, and continue to lift and install.
  3. When the trolley rises and drops to a suitable height, then turn the truck crane so that the trolley is located above the main beam, roughly aligned with the trolley track, and then slowly descend, and finally aligned with the trolley track and positioned well.

The above is the gantry crane installation steps, in addition there are many details of the work, such as crane mechanical parts debugging, crane electrical parts debugging and other work. Special note: cranes belong to special equipment, gantry crane installation also requires professional staff to install, it is strictly prohibited to arrange personnel to install.

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