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What Are The Vulnerable Parts of a Crane?

2021-09-10|Product News

The crane is a necessary loading and unloading equipment for many factories, logistics and storage. After a period of use, some problems will be presented, such as parking the car will still slide forward, which is formed by the brake pad wear. This has nothing to do with the quality of the crane, because the brake pads are wearing parts, no matter which driving method, the brake pads will be worn. So what is the crane's wearing parts?

crane wire rope guide

Wire rope: wire rope fixed in the electric hoist reel to accept the load, the degree of wear and tear affects the bearing capacity of the wire rope. Long-term use will make the wire rope wear. When the wire rope size and reel rope groove mismatch, wear more severe. Steel wire rope wear to a certain degree, it is necessary to scrap replacement.

Wire and cable

Wire and cable: the working environment has a great impact on the crane wire and cable, such as high temperature, corrosive gases, etc., wire and cable is often in the high temperature simple aging, will form a safety accident. Therefore, the wire and cable should be checked for aging and damage after one year of use, and should be replaced immediately if necessary.

eot crane rail

Buffer cushion: The buffer cushion is equipped on the end beam to reduce the impact of train operation on one end of the track. The wear and tear of the cushion is related to the driving frequency. When the seat cushion is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Brake pads

Brake pads: Common cranes are suspended by the braking equipment of the motor. When the brake pad wears to a certain degree, the brake will slide or the hook will slide down. At this moment, the braking distance of the brake pad needs to be adjusted manually. If the brake pads are severely worn, they should be replaced immediately.

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