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The Role And Working Principle Of The Electric Hoist Rope Guide

2021-09-10|Product News

The rope guide for hoist is composed of rope guide nut, rope guide plate and connecting steel belt. Is a wire rope electric hoist used to prevent the wire rope messy rope device. Prevent the phenomenon of jumping groove lead to rope messy rope, deformation, accelerate wear and reduce security. Currently commonly used circular rope guide, as shown in the figure, by a few sections (3-5 sections) to form a circle, also known as the nut, set in the outside of the reel, which itself can not rotate, relying on its relationship with the reel's threaded vice along the coaxial movement.

hoist guide

The role of the electric hoist rope guide:

Make the wire rope automatically rule winding, to prevent the phenomenon of jumping groove lead to rope messy rope, deformation, accelerate wear and tear and reduce security. Another role of the rope guide is the automatic up and down limit, when the electric hoist up or down to a certain height, the rope guide to the electric hoist drum on the rod top in or pull out, so that the fire limiters in the power off or energized state, so that the hoist automatically stop or run. Therefore, the role of the rope guide is still very important.

The working principle of the hoist rope guide:

The rope guide itself can not rotate, when the reel rotates, with the wire rope winding, driven by the threaded groove along the axial movement, at any time the winding of the wire rope accurately introduced, led out of the spiral groove of the reel, the wire rope by the gap of the rope guide discharge. Guide rope nut and reel rope groove engagement, reel rotation drive guide rope nut lateral movement, to ensure that the wire rope in the reel rope groove does not disorderly set. Guide rope plate to both ends of the reel lateral movement, when reaching the limit position, drive the limit bar installed in the reel shell to move together, reach the limit position to touch the limit switch installed with the main motor and play the role of limit.

hoist guide

The replacement of the hoist rope guide:

Guide rope belongs to the wire rope electric hoist wearing parts, the installation of the guide rope first stop the electric hoist power, the wire rope disassembly, the guide rope 6 angle screw removal, the guide rope can be taken down with the wire rope, during this period must pay attention to the wire rope row rope slot after the installation of the guide rope, has been to avoid the use of good start, the wire rope is not in the slot is likely to squeeze the guide rope bad again.

Users in the use of electric hoist, be sure to comply with the operating procedures, prohibit crooked pulling tilt hanging. Electric hoist guide rope device damage to be replaced in a timely manner, to avoid the emergence of wire rope mess rope, causing damage.

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