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Grab Bucket Eot Crane Safety Guidelines

2021-11-05|Product News

Grab bucket overhead crane

First,before driving

  1. The crane's brake, hook, wire rope and safety equipment and other components as required to view, found abnormalities, should be excluded.
  2. It is necessary for the operator to acknowledge that there is no one on the walking platform or track before the main power supply can be closed. When the power circuit breaker lock or notice, the original person concerned should be removed before closing the main power supply.

Second,the bridge grab crane operation

  1. Each shift for the first time to lift the grab ash, should be lifted off the ground after a height of 0.5 meters, the grab down again, check the performance of the brake, recognized as reliable, and then normal operation.
  2. It is necessary to obey the command of the signalman, but the emergency parking signal issued by anyone should be parked immediately.
  3. It is necessary for the driver to acknowledge the command signal before operation, and the bell should be sounded before driving.
  4. When approaching the winch limiter, the size of the car approaching the terminal, the speed should be slow. Prohibit the use of reverse instead of brake, limiters instead of parking switch, emergency switch instead of ordinary switch.
  5. Should walk and go up and down in the prescribed safety walkway, special station or escalator. Both sides of the large car track except for maintenance is prohibited to walk. No walking on the small car track.
  6. When the operation is stopped, the grapple bucket holding the ash shall not stay suspended in the air.
  7. Overhaul bridge grab crane should be leaning on the safety address, blocking power, hanging "stop and gate" warning signs. On the ground to set up a fence, and hang the "Stop Passing" sign.
  8. Operation, prohibit people up and down. Also prohibited in the operation of the maintenance and adjustment.
  9. The operation of a sudden power failure, it is necessary to place the switch handle "0" position. Grab is not put down or the locking device is not unhooked, never leave the cab.
  10. Bridge grab crane operation due to a sudden fault caused by the bucket slide, it is necessary to take emergency measures to no one landing.
  11. Open-air bridge grab crane in the event of storms, lightning strikes or more than six strong winds should stop work, blocking power, before and after the wheel should race pad block card firmly.
  12. In the top of the car overhaul trolley ministries and equipment, the operator must wear a good safety belt, the development of construction safety measures to ensure the safety of the case before work.
  13. Night operations should have adequate lighting.
  14. Bridge grab crane in addition to fulfilling the above terms, when traveling should also pay attention to the track there are no obstacles.

Third,the end of the operation

  1. The crane grab raised to a certain height, the car, the car parked in the designated position, the controller handle placed in the "zero" position; pull down the protection box switch handle, blocking power.
  2. The daily protection and maintenance of the crane grab machine.
  3. Do a good job in the handover operation.
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