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1 Set LH Type of 16T Double Girder Overhead Crane Has Been Sent to Oman

2021-12-07|Case Project
  • Lifting capacity: 16ton
  • Span length:17.2m
  • Lifting height: 9m
  • Crane traveling speed:20m/min
  • Control mode: Pendant control

A set of 16t double girder overhead crane has been sent to Oman.

This customer said that we do not need to provide the main beam and rails.His factory can produce main beams according to our drawings. We only need to provide all the remaining parts except the main beam: end beams, hoist and seamless busbar power supply system, etc.

There're two reasons for the customer to do this:

1.The main consideration is that the ocean freight has often risen and become unstable recently, which can reduce a part of the ocean freight.

2.Their own factory is also capable of producing main beams.

He was very satisfied after receiving the goods. At the same time, He's very grateful for the drawings we provided.

End carriages ofT double girder overhead crane

Hoist trolley


End carriages ofT double girder overhead crane

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