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About Crane Explosion-proof Wire Rope Hoist Introduction

2023-05-19|Product News

Crane explosion-proof wire rope hoist is a kind of lifting equipment used in dangerous environment, which has multiple protection functions such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-vibration. In this article, we will introduce the crane electric roof hoist from the following aspects.

explosion proof electric hoist

Overview of crane explosion-proof electric hoist

Crane explosion-proof electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment specially used in dangerous environment, mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, mining and other fields. The product is characterized by multiple protection functions such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-vibration, which can effectively protect the safety of operators.

The structure and working principle of explosion-proof electric hoist for crane

The crane electric roof hoist includes motor, transmission, brake, drive shaft, hoist housing, gear, wire rope, pulley, limiter, travel switch and other components. When working, the motor drives the gears through the transmission to drive the wire rope up or down to lift and lower the goods. Brake and limiter can ensure the smooth lifting and lowering of goods, and can stop the machine in time when the goods are overloaded or fallen from height.

Features and advantages of explosion-proof electric hoists for cranes

  • Good explosion-proof performance. The product is designed to be explosion-proof and can be used safely in flammable and explosive environments.
  • Good anti-corrosion performance. The surface of the product adopts anti-corrosion treatment, so it can be used in the harsh environment such as wet, acid and alkali.
  • Good safety protection function. The product is equipped with safety devices such as brakes and limiters, and can automatically monitor the current, temperature and other parameters, and will automatically cut off the power once there is an abnormal situation.
  • Wide range of application. The crane explosion-proof electric hoist is not only suitable for lifting operations in hazardous environments, but also for lifting operations in general occasions.

Application scenarios for crane explosion-proof electric hoists

The crane electric roof hoist is mainly used in petroleum, chemical and mining fields, and can be used to lift various kinds of goods, such as barrels of liquid, chemicals, ores, etc.. In addition, it can also be used for lifting operations in ships, docks and other occasions.

Maintenance of crane explosion-proof electric hoist

In order to ensure the normal operation of the crane explosion-proof electric hoist and extend its service life, regular maintenance is required. Specifically include:

  • Regular inspection and cleaning of the motor, transmission, brake and other components.
  • Regular lubrication and replacement of wire rope, pulleys, limiters and other components.
  • Regular inspection and testing of safety devices to ensure that they can work properly.
  • When encountering abnormal conditions, you need to stop and overhaul in time to avoid accidents.

Precautions for crane explosion-proof electric hoist

In actual use, the crane electric roof hoist also requires attention to the following points:

  • Before use, all parts of the hoist should be carefully checked to see if they are intact, especially if the explosion-proof part is working properly.
  • During use, the hoist should be avoided to collide or rub other hard objects to avoid damage to the explosion-proof part.
  • When lifting items, the balance and stability of the hoist should be maintained to avoid shaking or tilting to avoid accidents.
  • In the process of use, it is necessary to take appropriate protective measures according to the characteristics of the operating environment, such as ventilation, fire extinguishing, etc.

The crane explosion-proof electric hoist is a key lifting tool that has a very important role in the safe production. Only strict compliance with the relevant safety standards and use of norms to ensure its normal work and protect the lives and property of workers.

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