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What are the different types of hoists in material handling?

2023-06-15|Product News

Hoists are widely used in material handling to lift and move heavy loads. They come in various types, each designed for specific applications. Here are some common types of hoists used in material handling:

1.Trolley Hoist: A trolley hoist combines a hoist mechanism with a trolley system that moves along a beam or track. This allows the hoist to traverse horizontally, providing increased flexibility in material handling operations.


2.Electric Chain Hoist: This type of hoist utilizes an electric motor to power a chain mechanism for lifting and lowering loads. Electric chain hoists are versatile, compact, and suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks.

Electric Chain Hoists

3.Wire Rope Hoist: Wire rope hoists use a wire rope instead of a chain for lifting operations. They are capable of lifting heavier loads and are commonly found in heavy-duty industrial applications.

Wire Rope Hoist

4.Manual Chain Hoist: Also known as a hand chain hoist or chain block, this type of hoist is manually operated by pulling a chain to lift or lower loads. Manual chain hoists are portable, easy to use, and ideal for smaller lifting tasks.

Manual Chain Hoists

5.Pneumatic Hoist: Pneumatic hoists, also called air hoists, use compressed air as a power source to lift loads. They are often used in hazardous or explosive environments where electric or hydraulic hoists are not suitable.

Pneumatic Chain Hoists

6.Hydraulic Hoist: Hydraulic hoists use hydraulic power to lift and lower loads. They are known for their strength and ability to handle heavy loads. Hydraulic hoists are commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing.

Hydraulic Hoist


7.Lever Hoist: Lever hoists, also known as ratchet lever hoists or come-alongs, are manually operated hoists that use a lever and ratchet mechanism to lift loads. They are portable, versatile, and commonly used in construction and maintenance applications.

Lever Hoist

8.Magnetic Hoist: Magnetic hoists use powerful magnets to lift and transport ferromagnetic materials. They are commonly used in industries such as metal fabrication, recycling, and scrap handling.

Magnetic Hoist

These are some of the main types of hoists used in material handling. The choice of hoist depends on factors such as load capacity, environment, application requirements, and safety considerations.


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