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Portable Gantry Crane with a 8 Meter Span, Customized for UAE Customers

2024-01-24|Case Project
  • Country:United Arab Emirates
  • Project:Portable gantry crane
  • Capacity: 5t
  • Span: 8m
  • Lifting height: 4.9m
  • Quantity: 2 sets

Two sets of portable gantry crane 5t were sent to UAE.

For this project, we had four problems, and finally solved them very perfectly.

First, crane span is big. for portable gantry crane, usually span is 3~6m, 10m is obviously too big. We have to change the structure of main girder, and square box girder was designed.

Second, the cranes will be used indoor, and the height of workshop is only 6m, but our clients need lifting height 4.9m, so we used Europe standard wire rope electric hoist.

Third, crane travel length 100m, but the crane will turn by 90 degree at the 50m, so our engineer designed the cable reel which can be turned.

Finally, the delivery time is only 20 days, we can't wait for getting the deposit to produce the crane. Therefore, with the approval of our manager, we received the bank slip and started the production, shortened the production time for 4~5 days.

UAEton portable gantry crane

Electric Hoist Packing Diagram

Cable Packing Diagram

Portable Gantry Crane Parts Packing Diagram

Portable Gantry Crane Packing Diagram

Portable Gantry Crane Container Packing Diagram

Portable Gantry Crane Container Packing Diagram

Clara-Crane Technician

My name is Clara, I have been specialized in cranes for five years, involved in all aspects of crane design to export transportation, if you have any questions about cranes, you can contact me.


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