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Characteristics and common safety protection measures of European single beam crane

2018-02-05|Product News

European crane adopts a unique design concept, with the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure. Compared with the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, the clearance height is the lowest, it can be closer to the front operation, and the lifting height is higher, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant.

Characteristics and common

Features of European crane

The European single beam crane realizes the variable frequency stepless speed regulation between 0-45m / min, and adopts the low clearance design, which can effectively increase the dispatching space, as well as the unique C-type structure, and correspondingly improve the dispatching space.

The single beam crane of European style starts and runs smoothly without impact. It has good mute effect, which can reduce the harm of noise.

European single beam crane has a low failure rate, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and its service life is up to 30 years without worries.

The European optimized design not only has light weight, but also can be programmed to lift the limit position to realize comprehensive protection, and the protection grade is IP55, H insulation and powerful.

In the system composition, there are hard tooth reducer, high bearing capacity, long service life, electromagnetic disc brake, dust-proof, self debugging brake, no manual adjustment, semi grease lubrication and high-strength galvanized rust proof steel wire rope, maintenance free, and three in one drive of motor, brake and reducer.

Common safety protection measures for European crane

In addition to the regular maintenance of the European crane, the operation training of personnel, the crane itself also contains more than 20 kinds of safety protection devices in the process of production and manufacturing. Let's learn about the functions of several common protection devices.

Overload limiter: the comprehensive error of overload limiter shall be as small as possible. When the load reaches the set critical value, an alarm signal shall be sent out. When the lifting capacity exceeds the rated lifting capacity, it can automatically cut off the lifting power source and send out an alarm signal.

Torque limiter: the comprehensive error of torque limiter shall be no more than 10%. When the load torque reaches the rated lifting moment, it can automatically cut off the lifting source and send out an alarm signal.

Lifting limit position limiter: it must be ensured that when the spreader is lifted to the limit position, the power source for lifting will be cut off automatically.

Falling limit position limiter: under the working condition that the spreader may be lower than the lower limit position, it shall be ensured that when the spreader falls to the lower limit position, the descending power source can be automatically cut off..

Operation limit position limiter: When the mechanism reaches the limit position, it automatically cuts off the forward power source and stops the movement.

Limit torque limiting device: when the rotation resistance torque is greater than the torque specified in the design, it can slide and play a protective role.

Buffer: It should have good performance to absorb the energy of the move mechanism and reduce impact.

Rain cover of electrical equipment: All electrical equipment of cranes working in the open air shall be equipped with rain cover.


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