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Floor Mounted Jib Crane Installation

2021-03-17|Product News

Floor mounted jib crane is the most widely used lifting equipment in production today. What are the advantages of fixed column cantilever crane? It has high reliability and is suitable for frequent lifting tasks in short distances. It is flexible in operation and greatly improves work efficiency. So how is the fixed column jib crane installed? The following is a graphic explanation for you.

Column Installation

floor mounted jib crane installation

Sleeve the column into the inner ring of the bottom plate, weld and fix the bottom plate and the column on both sides of the bottom plate, then weld a number of ribs to the bottom plate and the column to complete the cantilevered bottom plate installation of the column.

Installation of End Plate and Waist Ring Track

floor mounted jib crane installation

First, adjust the position of the rotating shaft of the column crane and the end plate and then weld and fix it to ensure the verticality of the rotating shaft. Then put the end plate into the column and weld and fix it with the column according to the size of the drawing. Sleeve the waist ring track into the column, adjust the corresponding position according to the size of the drawing, weld and fix it with the column to complete the installation.

Installation of Rotary Sleeve

floor mounted jib crane installation

The bearing seat and the revolving cylinder are welded and fixed according to the size of the drawing through the connecting plate, and pressed into the spherical roller bearing, and then the left side of the revolving sleeve is sealed with the bearing pressure plate. The connecting plate of the sealing plate is welded on the right side of the rotating cylinder, and the sealing plate is connected by bolts. The sealing plate is removed during on-site installation, and the current collector is installed inside the rotating sleeve. After the internal parts of the rotating sleeve of the column cantilever crane are installed, the sealing plate is installed and the installation is completed.

Bracket Installation

floor mounted jib crane installation

First weld the shaft to the motor mounting plate, install the main wheel and the auxiliary wheel, and then weld and fix the square tube, trapezoidal plate and steel plate according to the dimensions of the drawing. According to the size of the drawing, the bracket is welded to the cantilever to complete the installation.

On-site Installation of The Free Standing Jib Crane

floor mounted jib crane installation

When installing on site, remove the round nut on the column, fix the cantilever on the column through the rotating shaft and waist ring track, then install the round nut on the rotating shaft from the inside of the slewing device, and then install the slip ring and lock in turn Polyurethane nuts. The round cable passes through the inside of the column, passes through the center hole of the rotating shaft, and then enters the slip ring slewing device. The slip ring bracket and carbon brushes are installed inside the slewing device. In the control cabinet, through the contactor switch in the electric control cabinet, the cable is connected to the slewing device to run the motor and to lift the electric moe. finish installation.

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