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Single Girder EOT Crane Specifications

2021-03-19|Product News

In order to strengthen the management of crane machinery (single beam overhead crane) and ensure the normal operation and safe production of crane machinery (single beam overhead crane), this system is specially formulated.
This system applies to all the company's single-beam bridge crane users and single-beam bridge crane management personnel.

Single Girder EOT Crane Management Responsibilities

1. The production department is responsible for outsourcing training of personnel using single beam bridge cranes.
2. The equipment maintenance department is responsible for the maintenance of all the company's single beam bridge cranes.
3. The workshop director is responsible for supervising the work of the single-beam bridge crane in the workshop, and at the same time is responsible for the management of the single-beam bridge crane of the department under his jurisdiction, to ensure its intact condition, and report to the maintenance department in time if any failure occurs.
4. Drivers of single girder bridge cranes must study the safety operating regulations of single girder bridge cranes and pass the exam before they can operate single-girder bridge cranes independently. The crane is operating correctly.


The Use Procedure of Single Girder EOT Crane

Eligibility requirements:
Personnel using single beam overhead cranes must be trained by the labor department and obtain a single-beam bridge crane driving license before they can work. Unlicensed personnel are strictly prohibited from using single-beam bridge cranes.
Without the arrangement of the production department, personnel dedicated to single beam overhead cranes are not allowed to teach others how to use single beam overhead cranes without authorization.

Check before single girder EOT crane starting
1.Check whether there is oil leakage in all departments of the equipment, and deal with it in time;
2. Check whether each department of the single girder overhead crane is faulty, and pay special attention to whether the brake is flexible and reliable;
3.Check whether the control handles of the single girder overhead crane are in the specified position and whether the operation is sensitive and reliable;
4.Check whether the transmission system, lubrication system, and electrical equipment are in good condition, whether the guide rail surfaces are clean, whether there are idlers or foreign objects on the single girder overhead crane, if the main accessories such as the controller, limiter, electric bell, and emergency switch fail, Lifting is strictly prohibited.
5.Check whether the safety protection devices are firm and reliable;
6.Check whether the steel rope is damaged, whether the steel rope has come out of the pulley, whether the hook nut is loose, whether the hook shaft pin is deformed;
7.Check the operation and lubrication of empty vehicles;
8.After all parts are normal, the bell or warning signal can be issued before starting to work.

At single girder EOT crane work
1.Pay attention to the working conditions and lubrication conditions of all parts of the crane. If there is abnormal shape or abnormal response, stop and check until the abnormal shape or abnormal noise is eliminated;
2.Strictly abide by the principle of "ten no hanging"(Namely: ① do not hang if no one is instructed; ② do not hang if the rope is knotted or broken; ③ do not hang if the gesture is unclear; ④ do not hang when slanting; Fastening objects are not hung; ⑧The hanging object is buried in the ground and the situation is unknown; ⑨There are people under the hanging object or the hanging object crosses the head without hanging; ⑩The ladle solution is too full to hang;)
3.Try to avoid heavy objects suddenly raising the ground. When lifting, you should first lift the heavy object from the ground about 100-150 mm, until you are sure that all lifting devices are normal and free of jams, and the braking is reliable and effective, then you can continue to lift;
4. It is strictly forbidden to use the limit switch to cut off the current under normal operating conditions;
5. It is strictly forbidden to brake in reverse connection of various agencies:
6. In the event of a sudden power failure or a sharp drop in line voltage, all controller boards should be quickly (turned) to the zero position and the main switch should be cut off;
7.When the single beam bridge crane is running, no one is allowed to go up and down, and it is not allowed to perform maintenance and adjustment of parts during operation.
8. Must follow the instructions of the hook lifter (one person). During normal lifting, multiple people are not allowed to command, but when an emergency stop signal occurs to anyone, the vehicle should be stopped immediately.
9.The single beam overhead crane operator must be able to operate after receiving the command signal, and the single beam eot crane should be mingling first when starting.
10.When operating the controller handle, first shift from the "zero" position to the first gear, and then increase or decrease the speed step by step. When reversing, you must first turn back to the "zero" position.
11. When work is stopped, no lifting objects are allowed to stay in the air. During operation, when there are people within the moving range of the object to be hoisted or when the hanging parts are dropped, a bell should be sounded to warn. It is strictly forbidden to lift the objects over the head and lift the objects. The ground should not be too high.
12.When approaching the hoist limiter, large and small vehicles approach the terminal or encounter adjacent traffic, the speed should be slow, reverse parking instead of braking, limit instead of parking, emergency switch instead of ordinary switch.
13.Walk and go up and down on the specified safe walkways, special platforms or escalators. The two sides of the cart track are not allowed to walk except for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to walk on the trolley track, and it is not allowed to cross from one single girder bridge crane to another single beam bridge crane.
14.When two single girder bridge cranes hoist an object at the same time, they should be reasonably distributed according to 80% of the crane's rated load, unified command, consistent step, and steady hoisting. It is strictly forbidden to overload any crane.

After single girder EOT crane work
1. Raise the hook to a certain height, stop at the designated position, place the controller handle at the "zero" position, pull down the switch handle of the protective box, and cut off the power supply.
2. Carry out daily maintenance.
3. Do a good job of handover.
4.The safety management personnel of the production department supervise and manage the single-beam bridge crane department and the single beam eot crane users.

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