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Gantry Crane Rail Installation Construction Plan

2021-08-07|Product News

Track laying, car block installation

1.The track should be checked before installation, if bent, twisted, etc., it should be corrected before installation.

2.The limit deviation value AS of the crane track span S shall not exceed the following values: AS = Shi 4mm.

gantry crane rail installation

Measurement method:

Will measure the ruler in the track of the A point fixed, the other end with a spring weighing with a fixed tension pull steel ruler along the track centerline arc, the minimum value of B, that is, AB two points between the corresponding gauge.

gantry crane rail installation

3. Track top surface relative to the theoretical height limit deviation for Shi 10mm, with a level meter to measure the elevation value of the top of the track, the distance of the measurement point is generally 6 ~ 10 meters, and draw the elevation chart of the top of the track, calculate the longitudinal unlevelness. The height difference between the two tracks is max 10mm, along the length direction in the vertical plane of the bend, every 2m measurement length shall not be greater than 2mm.

4. In the total length of the track, the lateral limit deviation is Shi 10mm. the bending along the length direction in the horizontal plane, the limit deviation shall not exceed Shi 1mm in every 2m measurement length.(see Figure 3)

5. Track joints should be aligned, the joint position of the two parallel tracks should be staggered, the staggered distance is not less than 600mm, and should not be equal to the base distance of the wheels before and after the crane.

6. The track joints are linked by straight head cleats, and the expansion joint at the joint *2mm.

7. The elastic pad is used for bedding under the track, the specification and material of the elastic pad should be in accordance with the design, before tightening the bolt, the track should be tightly attached to the pad, when there is a gap, the pad should be added under the elastic pad to pad the solid, the length and width of the pad should be 10~20mm larger than the elastic pad.

8. The deviation between the center of the track and the center of the web of the track beam shall not exceed half of the thickness of the web of the track beam.

gantry crane rail installation

9. track top surface deviation from the theoretical position of the tilt shall not exceed the following values.

gantry crane rail installation

Length direction: tg β ≤ 0.003.
Transverse direction: tg β≤ 0.005.

10. The ends of two tracks in four places must be installed with car stops, which are made and installed in accordance with CD-3 of the standard drawing 95G325. Block installation should meet the following requirements.

a. The actual position of the bolts or bolt holes on the crane beam linking the block should be determined before the block is made, so that the position of the bolt holes on the block can be adjusted accordingly.
b. The contact surface of the car stop and crane buffer on two parallel tracks within the same span shall be on the same plane, if not in the application of rubber plate for adjustment, so that the deviation of both to the positioning axis ≤ 4mm.
c. After the car block and buffer stopper are installed, the crane travel limit switch should be installed immediately. 

11. The track installation is finished for inspection and acceptance, and the construction quality shall conform to the following table.


Allowable deviation value(mm)

Inspection method and apparatus

Deviation of rail gauge from design size


Measured when the steel tape measure plus 150N tension

Centerline of single rail

Straightness deviation


Pulling line measurement

Deviation from the reference line


Pull line measurement


Longitudinal Levelness

<1/1500 column spacing,and≯10

Level measurement

Horizontal level

<1/100 rail width

Level measurement

Full range of rail top elevation height, low difference


Level meter measurement

The deviation of the top elevation of two rails in the same section of the track

At the column


Level meter measurement

Other places


Level meter measurement

Track gap



Plug gauge measurement

Rail joint

Transverse misalignment


Measuring by flat and plug ruler

Height difference


Measuring by flat and plug ruler

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