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The composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

2019-11-19|Product News

Composition of gantry crane

Gantry crane is a kind of crane whose horizontal bridge is set on two legs to form the gantry structure. This kind of crane runs on the ground track, and is mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station for handling and installation.

The lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and crane traveling mechanism of gantry crane, are basically same with overhead crane. Because of the large span, the crane traveling mechanism is mostly driven in a separate way to prevent the crane from slanting and increasing resistance, or even accidents.

The bridge can also be cantilevered at one side or cantilevered at both ends to extend the operating range. Semi gantry crane bridge has legs at one end and no legs at the other end, running directly on the runway beam.

Composition of gantry crane and safety precautions

Precautions for operation

  1. When lifting heavy objects, the hook and wire rope should be kept vertical, and the objects to be hoisted are not allowed to be dragged obliquely.
  2. The center of gravity should be identified and firmly tied. Apply mat wood well with acute Angle.
  3. Before the weight is lifted from the ground, the crane shall not turn around.
  4. When lifting or lowering the weight, the speed should be even and steady, so as to avoid sharp change of speed, which may cause the weight to swing in the air and cause danger. When falling a weight, the speed should not be too fast, so as not to fall when breaking the weight.
  5. Under the circumstance of lifting weight, try to avoid taking off and falling boom. When the boom must be lifted and lowered under the condition of lifting weight, the lifting weight shall not exceed 50% of the prescribed weight.
  6. When the crane rotates under the circumstance of lifting weight, it shall pay close attention to whether there are obstacles around. If there are obstacles, it shall try to avoid or clear them.
  7. No personnel shall stay under the crane beam and try to avoid personnel passing through.
  8. Two cranes are operating on the same track, and the distance between them should be more than 3m.
  9. When two cranes lift one object together, the lifting weight shall not exceed 75% of the total lifting weight of the two cranes. The movement and lifting action of the two cranes shall be consistent.
  10. Hoisting and variable amplitude steel wire rope shall be inspected once a week and records shall be made. Specific requirements shall be implemented in accordance with relevant provisions of hoisting steel wire rope.
  11. When the crane traveling with empty load, the hook should be 2m above the ground.
  12. Stop operation immediately when the wind blows over six degrees. TMK shall turn the arm to the downwind direction and lower it properly to hang the hook firmly. Gantry crane must be made good iron wedge (stop rail), and the hook to the upper limit. At the same time, close the doors and windows, cut off the power, pull the cable wind rope. At ordinary times after the completion of the work should be handled according to this.
  13. The crane platform is strictly prohibited to pile up miscellaneous articles and articles, in case of falling in the operation of human injury, often used tools should be placed in the special tool box in the operating room.
  14. During operation, do not suddenly change speed or reverse, so as not to cause the weight in the air swing, also do not allow the operation of more than two (including secondary hook) at the same time.
  15. When driving, the operator's hand shall not leave the controller. In case of sudden failure in operation, measures shall be taken to land the weight safely and then cut off the power supply for repair.
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